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Environmental Protection and Quality 5 The Mini series at a glance 6-9 The modular system at a glance 14 PROFI in Manual Trolley (LN) 22 PROFI in Reel Chain Trolley (LH) 23 PROFI in Motor Trolley (LM) 24 JDN Ultra-Low Monorail Hoists 34-35 JDN Hoists for use in the toughest conditions 37 JDN Hydraulic Hoists and Monorail Hoists 38 Hydraulic Hoists PROFI 3 TI-H up to 20 TI-H 39 Hydraulic Hoists PROFI 25 TI-H up to 100 TI-H 40 Hydraulic Monorail Hoists EH 20-H up to EH 100-H 41 JDN Crane Systems & Crane Kits 42

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General Catalogue - 4

JDN COMPANY PORTRAIT THE COMPANY At its Witten location, J.D. Neuhaus with 160 employees produces hoists and crane systems which are mainly driven by compressed air. Thanks to this globally unique specialisation and our more than 50-years of expertise with compressed air as a drive medium, we have become a recognised expert in the field. Today, our share of exports is 80 %. In total, we export to more than 90 countries around the globe. Our sales companies in the USA, Great Britain, France and Singapore support our customers at local level. J.D. Neuhaus air hoists and hydraulic hoists are...

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General Catalogue - 5

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AND QUALITY Starting with the development and production of our products, we place great value on ecological compatibility. Long service life and recyclability already make an important contribution towards relieving the environmental burden. Furthermore, our production has been adapted to minimise energy consumption, emissions, sewage and waste; it also uses environmentally-compatible production processes and materials. Resources are used sparingly and waste is recycled wherever possible. One of the most important commitments of the J.D. Neuhaus management is to...

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General Catalogue - 6

THE HIGHEST BENCHMARK IN HOISTING TECHNOLOGY THE JDN MINI The JDN Mini is the most compact hoist, with a carrying capacity of up to 980 kg and an integrated NFC Tag with service app that makes it truly unique in the industry. Various innovations came together for the concept. Developed in collaboration with customers To make the JDN Mini the best hoist on the market, we have blazed new trails in development, and it took us straight to the customer. Or rather: to many customers. We asked how the perfect hoist has to work. We studied a wide variety of different conditions of use on-site and...

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General Catalogue - 7

SAFETY? THAT’S OUR TOP PRIORITY! Best example: the optional redundant support of the JDN Mini. A brand new innovation on the world market developed to meet demand from specific customer segments. It will react if the structure on which the Mini is mounted fails. DOWNTIME IS NOT AN OPTION. Even with pressure fluctuations, the pneumatically driven JDN Mini maintains constant, fast, and precise performance. A paragon of reliability in use around the clock. Another big plus: Maintenance can be performed on-site without removing the JDN Mini.

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General Catalogue - 8

THIS IS WHAT MAKES THE MINI THE HIGHEST BENCHMARK IN HO MORE SAFETY When it comes to safety, the JDN Mini offers a new global innovation that meets the needs of a specific customer segment: A redundant optional fall support capable of holding the maximum capacity of a hoist coming free of the supporting structure. The limit switches offer another safety bonus. They will switch off the lifting and lowering movement as soon as the bumper touches the stop valve. This slows the movement and keeps the chain from being overloaded. All of these features enhance occupational safety significantly...

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General Catalogue - 9

ISTING TECHNOLOGY. HIGHER SPEED The JDN Mini 500 will reach a maximum lifting speed of 12 m/min at full load (500 kg). This makes it up to 20 % faster than its predecessor – even when it is in constant use and with double lifetime! It doesn’t get more productive than that. The maximum speed can also be continuously preset, so reduced, without losing power at a given carrying capacity. This can protect loads even more when necessary and, at the same time, the speed can also be more finely managed. CUSTOM-FIT CONFIGURATION The JDN developers have also come up with some innovative ideas when...

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General Catalogue - 10

JDN AIR HOISTS MINI Type Air pressure Carrying capacity Number of chain strands Engine output at full load Lifting speed at full load Lifting speed without toad Lowering speed at full toad Lowering speed without load Air consumption at full load - lifting Air consumption at full load - lowering Air connection Hose dimension (0 inside) Weight at 3 m lift/2 m control length Chain dimension Weight of chain Height of lift Length of control Sound level at full load - lifting1 Sound level at full load - loweringi ATEX Zone Mechanism group/life cycle [h] kW ft/min m/min ft/min m/min ft/min m/min...

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General Catalogue - 11

DIMENSIONS Type Learn more about the benchmark in hoisting technology on

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General Catalogue - 12

STRONG, FAST, SILENT. High performance with more efficiency by reliability plus high lifting and lowering speeds. Low sound emissions. OIL-FREE OPERATION. Patented, permanent motor lubrication during operation, using a high-performance grease. No additional motor lubrication required. ALWAYS FIT FOR THE JOB AND RELIABLE. 100% Duty Rating – No Downtime, Ex Classification according to EC Directive on Hazardous Locations 94/9/EEC (ATEX 100a)

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General Catalogue - 13

Proven in practice: JDN Air Hoists PROFI Series are superior in all places where safety has priority. The PROFI Series scores well with its 100 % duty rating and explosion protection as standard. This important advantage ensures JDN Air Hoists are especially suitable for applications in hazardous areas. JDN Air Hoists PROFI Series are very robust and therefore suitable for tough industrial applications even in continuous working processes. According to your requirements there are various control systems available. For traversing loads there are also different trolley designs to meet your...

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General Catalogue - 14

JDN AIR HOISTS PROFI THE MODULAR SYSTEM AT A GLANCE Limit Switch for Trolley Travel Extension Arm for Control Trolleys Manual Trolley Reel Chain Trolley Motor Trolley Housing Finish Standard JDN Green 3-coat offshore paint system Filter Silencer Special High Performance Grease for oil-free operation Chain Container Chain Box Chain Bagl Service Unit Filter Regulator Limit Switch for Lift Hook Standard Copper-plated Stainless Steel Controls Rope Control (sensitive) FI Control (sensitive) E Control (single speed) F Control (multi-function) Remote Control Electropneumatic Interface Supply Hose...

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