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EXPLOSIONPROOF SOLENOIDS TMEx35 and TMEx40 Description Solenoids JAKŠA TMEx35/A/B/C/D and TMEx40/A/B/C/D are built in explosion protection “increased safety” and “encapsulation” and are intended for use as actuators with JAKŠA solenoid valves. These solenoids can be used in hazardous areas zone 1 and 2 (presence of explosive gas, vapour and mist). Mark of protection: II 2G Ex e mb II T4/T5 Gb Approval number: SIQ 10 ATEX 183X Issued by: Slovenski institut za kakovost in meroslovje (SIQ), Tržaška cesta 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia Technical data: Type of explosion protection: Conformity with standards: Materials: Electrical connection: Cable gland: Grounding: Coil wire insulation class: Protection of enclosure: Fuse: Duty cycle: Power consumption: Allowable ambient, fluid and equipment temperature: Encapsulation + Increased safety Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX) EN 60079-0:2006 EN 60079-18:2004 EN 60079-7:2007 Housing and cover of antistatic thermoplastic material, coil, rectifier and fuse encapsulated in epoxy resin Built-in terminal Ex e I/II Ø 6.5 – 12 mm II 2G Ex e II IP 66/67 (M20x1.5) Inner and outer grounding bolts galvanically binded to metallic part of solenoid H 180°C IP65 (IEC 529) Thermal fuse 115°C, 3 A + cartridge fuse 1 A S1 (continuous, ED 100%) TMEx35: 10 W (AC/DC) TMEx40: 15 W (AC/DC) -20°C ≤ Tamb ≤ +60°C E-mail:

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TMEx - 2

SOLENOID VALVES EXPLOSIONPROOF SOLENOIDS Ordering information: Jaksad.o.o. Slandrova 8, SI-1231 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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TMEx - 3

EXPLOSIONPROOF SOLENOIDS TMEx35 and TMEx40 MAINTENANCE No solenoid maintenance is required. In case of valve repair follow the installation instructions overleaf when reinstalling or re-wiring the solenoid. Refer to JAKŠA SOLENOID VALVES INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTION for information regarding solenoid valve installation. WARNING: Before any valve or solenoid repair make sure that the power is switched off! WARRANTY Each solenoid incorporates a rectifier and a pair of fuses. If a voltage peak occurs in the electric circuit, the fuses can burn out and they cannot be replaced....

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TMEx - 4

EXPLOSIONPROOF SOLENOIDS TMEx35 and TMEx40 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION WARNING: Installation should be performed by qualified personnel only! Intrusion of damp into the coil drastically shortens the coil life, so adhere strictly to this instruction to prevent the damage! Before installing make sure that the solenoid is not mechanically damaged. a) Cable feed and wiring Feed the cable through the cable gland (1) in the way that prevents damp accumulation near the cable gland and possible intrusion into the terminal box (2). NOTE: TMEx40 coil cannot be mounted onto valve in downward position (as...

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