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Capabilities The theta-SE is a push-button spectroscopic ellipsometer for characterizing thin film uniformity. It features advanced ellipsometry instrumentation in a compact package at an affordable price. Why a theta-SE? Fully Integrated The theta-SE comes equipped with 300 mm sample mapping, small-spot measurement beam, fast sample alignment, look-down camera and our latest Dual-Rotation ellipsometer technology. The theta-SE has everything you need to measure the spatial uniformity of your film thickness and optical properties. High Speed Sample throughput is optimized by using fast...

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Features Applications The theta-SE combines many of the latest advancements in ellipsometry instrumentation to provide uniformity maps of your thin films. Spectroscopic ellipsometry is perfect for measuring film thickness and optical constants. The theta-SE scans the uniformity of these film properties over your entire wafer. Figure 1. Thickness and refractive index uniformity maps Ellipsometry Advantages Sensitivity: Spectroscopic ellipsometry measurements provide sensitivity to a variety of material properties such as composition, conductivity, surface conditions, etc. In addition,...

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Dual-Theta Mapping Translation: Our patent-pending translation stage enables ellipsometry measurements across samples up to 300 mm diameter with a small, table-top instrument. The compact ellipsometer heads and integrated electronics all result in a significantly reduced instrument footprint. Focused Spot: A focused measurement beam parallel to the wafer edge produces excellent edge Fast Camera Alignment: The fast camera alignment uses machine vision and image recognition to precisely align the sample in a fraction of the time compared to traditional alignment techniques. The camera also...

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Specifications Specifications Top view Spectral Range 400 nm to 1000 nm, 190 wavelengths System Overview • Dual-Rotation optical design • CCD detection • Fast sample alignment • Focused beam • 300 mm mapping stage Mapping Overview Wafers up to 300 mm diameter Front view Data Acquisition Rate • 0.3 sec. [Fastest] • 1-2 sec. [Typical] Spot Size Nominal: 250 x 600 µm on sample Data Types Side view Spectroscopic ellipsometry and advanced g-SE or MM-SE Angle of Incidence 65° fixed for all measurements

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