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Capabilities The iSE is a new in-situ spectroscopic ellipsometer developed for real-time monitoring of thin film processing. Using our proven technology, the iSE enables users to optimize optical properties of deposited films, control film growth with sub-angstrom sensitivity, and monitor growth kinetics. Why an iSE? Powerful With the power of spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE), the iSE is capable of measuring thickness and optical properties with much higher certainty than other techniques. Compact New compact design enables easy integration onto any chamber. Versatile Accurately determines...

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Advantages Applications Fast, Wide-Spectrum Measurements The iSE utilizes a new optical design with Dual-RotationTM in combination with modern CCD detection to provide hundreds of wavelengths in a fraction of a second. Dual-Rotation enables continuous, multi-zone measurements with unparalleled accuracy and capability. Figure 1. Dynamic spectroscopic ellipsometry data is graphed at four representative wavelengths. Each measurement versus time actually consists of 190 wavelengths from ultraviolet to near infrared. A few time points are graphed above, showing the SE data before, during, and...

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Common Real-Time Ellipsometry Measurements • • • • • • • • Thin film thickness from single or multiple layers (Figure 2) Growth or etch rates Process kinetics Optical constants (Figure 3) Surface quality before and after processing Film nucleation behavior Process conditions that affect optical constants (deposition rate, temperature, pressure, etc.) Real-time end-point detection Figure 2. ALD film growth increasing in the first 25 cycles of deposition shown alongside changes in the raw ellipsometry data. Figure 3. Optical properties and thickness of a metallic film changing as a function...

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Specifications Specifications Spectral Range Data Acquisition Rate System Overview Beam Diameter Dual-Rotation optical design with CCD detection TM Data Types Package Includes Source and Receiver Control Box Tilt Stage Mounts Calibration Base 2.75” Optical Viewports CompleteEASE Software Spectroscopic ellipsometry and advanced g-SE or MM-SE Receiver unit shown, including chamber mount and tilt stage 5.5” Chamber Requirements Port Size: 1.33” or 2.75” Typical Port Angle: 60°-75°* *measured from sample norma

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