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Capabilites For routine measurements of thin film thickness and refractive index, the alpha-SE® is a great solution. Designed for ease-of-use: simply place the sample on the stage, choose the model that matches your film, and press measure. You have results within seconds. Why an alpha-SE? Easy-to-Use Simple push-button operation with advanced software with built in models that does the work for you. Powerful Proven spectroscopic ellipsometer technology gives you both thickness and index with much higher certainty than other techniques. Flexible Measure any kind of material - dielectrics,...

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Applications Applications For Transparent Films With fast measurement speed and push-button operation, the alpha-SE® is ideal for qualifying thin films. Single-layer dielectrics on silicon or glass substrates can be measured in seconds. Log results for easy-to-use comparisons in both graphical and tabular formats. A series of silicon nitride thin films is quickly compared to study variation in the thickness and refractive index with process conditions. Self-Assembled Monolayers Phase information of a spectroscopic ellipsometry measurement is highly sensitive to very thin films (<10 nm). For...

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Advanced models allow quick and efficient fits for a wide variety of absorbing materials you may encounter. Materials • a-Si • poly-Si • Diamond-like carbon • Organic materials • Organic LED films • SiC • Photoresist • Display color filters • Metals Models • Lorentz • Gaussian • Drude • Tauc-Lorentz • Cody-Lorentz • Bspline Patented technology allows accurate measurements on any substrate: metal, semiconductor, or glass. For transparent substrates, the alpha-SE® simultaneously measures depolarization to correct for light returning from the backside of the substrate. This unwanted light can...

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Easy Measurements Measurements as easy as 1-2-3, with results in a matter of seconds! 1. Mount your sample and choose your measurement settings: • Angles • Sample alignment • Model that describes your sample 2. Press ‘Measure’ • Sample is automatically aligned, measured and the data is analyzed 3. Your results are reported: film thickness, refractive ind

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Thickness and Refractive Index Spectroscopic ellipsometry is perfect for characterizing thin film thickness and refractive index. The alpha-SE measures films from just a monolayer to a few microns. Dynamic measurements of a native oxide on silicon show very stable, sub-Angstrom precision. This 5-micron thick oxide has a large number of interference features that are well-resolved by 180 wavelengths measured by the alpha-SE. An organic layer on silicon is easily characterized by the alpha-SE to determine thickness and refractive index. Simulated values with (a) varied thickness and (b)...

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Perfect for non-uniform or small samples. View the focused beam measurement location. Fine-adjustment of the measurement location. • Reduce beam diameter to ~0.3mm • Quick and easy magnetic attachment- optics snap into position • Integrated image within CompletEASE software • Manually adjust 12mm XY range with .025mm resolution • Integrated vacuum stage holds sample in place • No alignment or calibration required • Position the focused beam spot anywhere

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Liquid Cell • Study samples in liquid ambients • 500µL liquid capacity • 70° angle of incidence • Designed for glass slides & 1” or 2” wafers Software accounts for window effects and index of ambient fluid. QCM Cell • Allows study of mechanical properties in liquid ambients • Tilt stage designed to hold Q-Sense QCM-D (E-Series with E1 Chamber) • Woollam provides mount only Transmission Stage • Holds sample vertically in the path of light beam to allow normal incidence transmission measurements • Tip-tilt stage for easy sample alignment • Integrated vacuum stag

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Specifications Specifications Spectral Range System Overview Data Acquisition Rate Beam Diameter Patented rotating compensator technology with CCD detection 18 kilograms excluding computer 3 sec. (Fast mode) 10 sec. (Standard mode) 30 sec. (High-precision mode)

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