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Unique selling points of Prefab buildings 1 Sustainability 100% circular and maintenance-free Delivery time 2 to 6 weeks Wood Purlins Low-cost and easy to handle Structure Modular system Flexibility Modular system for endless possibilities Volume Compact to transport

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Assembly Quick to assemble using just a few bolts Roof shape Arched for exceptional strength Proven quality since 1935 Made in Holland reliable and accessible Foundations Lightweight due to the small bay length Disassembly Developed as a demountable system

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Delivery time The buildings are fully circular, making them one of Thanks to the efficient production process, it is possible the most sustainable space solutions in the world. This to deliver a large number of buildings within a short involves the environmental impact over the entire life time. All components are produced in the same factory, span of the building. First, the raw materials, followed resulting in a high degree of flexibility. There is always a by the production process, the packaging, transport, large stock of semi-finished material and finished parts. use and reuse. With...

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Over the long history, an excellent reputation has The assembly of a building must be as fast as possible, built up for delivering high-quality buildings with an making the time at the construction site short. This is exceptional lifespan. One of the basic principles is to why the term ‘quick to assemble’ has been used for compromise never on quality. All of the high-quality raw many decades in refer to these types of buildings. The materials are produced by reputable manufacturers, mounting process doesn’t require the use of a large mostly in Western Europe. In practice, the cladding has...

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