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Voltage Regulated Distribution Transformer ■ SmartActiveTransformer

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The economical alternative to grid expansion – optimal grid capacity utilisation: the integration of increasingly decentralised energy sources feeding renewable energy into low-voltage systems presents energy providers with increasingly greater challenges. The specified nominal voltage range of +/- 10% according to DIN 50160 only allows a maximum voltage rise of 3% for decentralised energy sources. The remaining bandwidth must be available for medium voltage, voltage drops, and setting accuracy. In this context, more and more network operators are being forced to undertake expensive...

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Voltage Regulated Distribution Transformer - 3

The ideal solution for power distribution network operators Maintenance-free, long-lasting · no lifetime-limited electronics in the circuit breaker · maintenance-free for its entire lifespan thanks to vacuum technology · lifetime analogy to conventional local network transformers Low lifecycle costs · 700,000 reliable circuits make maintenance unnecessary · the on-load tap changer operates reliably throughout the entire lifetime of the transformer · motor and controller may be easily replaced as required Maximum operating reliability · critical operating conditions are excluded by the...

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Voltage Regulated Distribution Transformer - 4

The SmartActiveTransformer suits any compact station The on-load tap changer was specially developed and optimally integrated with the transformer tank in which the switches operate in special vacuum cells to exclude the possibility of oil contamination, thus no second oil vessel is required for the circuit. The innovative design enables the SmartActiveTransformer to correspond with the dimensions of local network transformers, and it is easily integrated with conventional compact stations. In connection with the control cabinets, it also includes all of the functions that are required for...

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Voltage Regulated Distribution Transformer - 5

J. SchneiderElektrotechnik ■ Regulator function • configuration of the voltage regulation according to the following methods: static nominal value with measurement at the bus bar static nominal value and measurement with remote sensors current dependent nominal value adaption rating dependent nominal value adaption multi sensor evaluation • voltage regulation on the low-voltage bus bar • three-phase voltage measurement • automatic, remote and manual modes • higher/lower operation • ethernet and RS232 interfaces • IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60780-5-104 and IEC 61850 control system protocols •...

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Voltage Regulated Distribution Transformer - 6

Technical data voltage regulator and control cabinet

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Voltage Regulated Distribution Transformer - 7

J. SchneiderElektrotechnik Dimensions SmartActiveTransformer [mm] 250 kVA 400 kVA 630 kVA 630 kVA 800 kVA10/20 kV 10/20 kV 10/20 kV 10/20 kV 10/20 kV uk A B C D E F G H J

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Voltage Regulated Distribution Transformer - 8

Jörg Schaarschmidt Dipl.-Designer · www.j-schaarschmidt.de · Technische Änderungen vorbehalten · technical modifications possible · 0912 · reprint 0415

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