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Plymoth Super-Mesa. 1m and 1.4m Plymoth Super-Mesa is a modern Backdraft Table with built in regulating Damper. 1m and 1.4m Models. Dust, Fume and Gases. Plymoth Super-Mesa is suitable for welding and grinding. It can also be used in many other applications where dust, fume and gases are a problem. Funnel-shaped Extraction Openings. The extraction is through the backdraft panel. It's vertical funnel-shaped extraction openings guarantee maximum efficiency. Unique regulating Damper. Plymoth SuperMesa is as standard equipped with a regulating damper which makes it possible to adjust the width of the vertical openings of the backdraft panel. If an extraction arm is fitted you can easily adjust the total air volume between the arm and the backdraft panel with a handle on the front side. Extraction Arm. For heavy welding the Super-Mesa can be equipped with a Flexi FLB 1.5m extraction arm. If it is needed to reach outside the table you can mount a 2m or a 3m Flexi FLB extraction arm. Good Grounding. The table surface is just oiled to give a good ground when it is used for welding. Strongly designed. Plymoth Super-Mesa is designed of 2 and 3mm steel-sheet. The table height can be adjusted from 800-950mm. The side panels can be opened for long objects. Suitable air volume for 1m table is 1300-1700m3/h and for 1.4m table 1500-2200m3/h. It shall be connected with an external fan and extraction system. Connection diameter is 199mm outside. Plymoth is always a Step ahead - but not expensive! 40 Years Experience of Clean Air at Work. *The Super-Mesa in the picture is extra equipped with a 1.5m Flexi FLB extraction arm. J. Plymoth AB - Ostra Varvsgatan 4, 211 75 Malmo, Sweden Tel. +46 40 70015 • Fax. +46 40 30 26 92 • E-mail:

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