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NX-1000/2000/4000 Coolant or Oil Mist NX mechanical oil mist filter is designed to eliminate coolant or oil mist from lathing, milling, drilling, sawing, water cutting etc. With HEPA filter (accessory) over 99,99 % filtration efficiency is achieved. Washable Filter Cassettes NX oil mist filters are equipped with self-draining washable filter cassettes. They are made of deep-pleated glasfiber medium with aluminum separators. With a pressure gauge per filter cassette (accessory) you easily know when it is time to wash the filters. The HEPA filter is not washable. Application NX 1000 is for 1-2 machines. NX 2000 for 1-4 machines. NX 4000 for 1-8 machines. Complete Unit NX is a complete unit of powdercoated steelsheet with filter cassette(s), fan and circuitbreaker with motor overload protection. Inlet from left or right with inlet flange and cover for the not used inlet. Oil return pipe with 1 inch outside thread. Accessories As accessories you can get Pressure-gauge (Manometer), Adjustable Inlet Damper, HEPA Filter and 0.5 m Extension Legs. Plymoth is always a step ahead – but not expensive! NX-1000. 0.75 kW / 3-Phase. One 10 m2 filter cassette. 1800x640x750 mm. 110 kg. NX-2000. 2.2 kW / 3-Phase. 12 m2 + 10 m2 filter cassettes. 1800x640x750 mm. 130 kg. NX-4000. 4 kW / 3-Phase. 20 m2 + 16 m2 filter cassettes. 1800x800x900 mm. 160 kg. Pressure-gauge (Manometer) for NX-1000 (1 pc.) Pressure-gauges (Manometers) for NX-1000 with HEPA and NX-2000 (2 pcs.) Pressure-gauges (Manometers) for NX-2000/4000 with HEPA (3 pcs.) HEPA filter fastener (2 pcs.) HEPA Filter NX-1000/2000. 22 m2. 595x595x300 mm (fits on top of the Filtercase) HEPA Filter NX-4000. 44 m2. 750x750x300 mm (fits on top of the Filtercase) Adjustable Inlet Damper NX-1000/2000 Adjustable Inlet Damper NX-4000 Extension Legs 0.5 m (4 pcs.) for NX-1000/2000/4000 Exchange Filter Cassette 1 (from the bottom) for NX-2000. 12m2 EU-5 Exchange Filter Cassette 2 (from the bottom) for NX-2000 = No. 1 for NX-1000. 10m2 EU-7 Exchange Filter Cassette 1 (from the bottom) for NX-4000. 20 m2 EU-5 Exchange Filter Cassette 2 (from the bottom) for NX-4000. 16 m2 EU-7 Plymex AB – Carlsg. 12A, 211 20 Malmoe, Sweden. Tel. +46 40 70015 · Fax. +46 40 30 26 92 · e-mail info@plymex.se

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