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CF-Eco Central Filter with Self-Cleaning Filter Cartridge. Welding Fume and Dust Filter. CF-Eco is made for welding and soldering fume and lighter dust. It is equipped with self-cleaning cartridge filter and built in fan with an aluminium impeller. The air volume at the diameter 200mm inlet is 2000m3/h (1200 cfm). Jet-Pulse Cleaning of Cartridge CF-Eco has a built in pneumatic self cleaning system which is very efficient. Soldering and Welding Several extraction arms for welding or soldering can be connected to the CF-Eco filter over a diameter 200mm steel sheet duct ( automatic dampers are recommended). Ask our specialists for advice. HEPA Filter CF-Eco can be equipped with a HEPA filter as accessory when it is used for stainless steel welding/soldering. 30 Years Experience! 30 years experience of design and manufacturing at your service! The Plymoth products are a combination of well-proven technique and progressive new ideas. J. Plymoth AB - Carlsgatan 12A, 211 56 Malmo, Sweden Tel. +46 40 70015 - Fax. +46 40 30 26 92 ■ E-Mail: ■

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