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Electric WRAS Approved Brass Ball Valve

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Electric WRAS Approved Brass Ball Valve Type: J3-1100/ 1110/ 1120 Available with actuator function: POWER OPEN - POWER CLOSE FAILSAFE MODULATING Electric actuator direct mounted Electric actuator fitted via kit Actuator fitted via TSM stem extension Main J3 Smart electric actuator features: LED light for continual visual actuator status feedback. Actuator housing Fully weatherproof smart industrial actuator, CE marked. Multi-voltage capable actuator , EU manufactured by J+J. Actuator temp limits All external electrical connections, no need to remove cover . Assembly temp limits Selectable manual override facility. Thermostatic anti-condensation heater. Electronic torque limiter. End of travel switches for remote open/ closed indication. Nickel plated brass Valve ball Chrome plated brass Valve seats Potable water, oil, air and most non-corrosive media, subject to compatibility with wetted parts in contact with media. This assembly is NOT recommended for use on steam. Valve Pressure rating Valve temp limits Valve actuators sized on a maximum differential pressure of 10 bar wet service, operated at least once per day. If the intended duty differs from these parameters, or is dry (air or gas), please call to check the actuator sizing as a larger output electric actuator may be required. Size range Maximum working temperature of a direct mounted assembly is +70C. For higher working temperatures , consider models that have a mounting kit or TSM stem extension between the valve and the JJ electric actuator which uses air cooling to dissipate the rising heat from the valve away from the actuator. Should the J3 smart actuator see more than +70C it will malfunction. Ball valve information: Full bore 2 piece construction, providing full unrestricted flow and a very low pressure drop across the valve. Approved in the UK for use on potable water by WRAS. Designed for automation with integrally cast ISO5211 actuator mounting platform. Turning the ball through 90° fully opens the valve, turning back through 90° fully closes the valve and isolates the flow. End connections are threaded BSP female. Uncontrolled copy, not subject to automatic updates. How this electric 1/4 turn valve works (on-off): Electrically operated valves are driven by a motor and gearbox. On receipt of a continuous voltage signal the motor runs and, via a gearbox in the J+J smart electric actuator, rotates the valve stem. The motor stops at the desired position (usually 0° or 90°) by internal cams striking micro-switches. The smart valve actuator remains in this position, with the voltage still applied continuously, until switched and a continuous voltage reversing signal is applied, which runs the motor in the opposite direction, reversing the rotation until separate set of internal cams strike separate set of micro-switches Kv Values Size Kv = m3 per hour with a 1 bar pressure drop across the valve CV = US gallons per hour with a 1psi pressure drop across the valve Cv = Kv / 0.86

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Electric WRAS Approved Brass Ball Valve TYPE: 1100/ 1110/ 1120 Electrical Connection - wiring J3 Series Smart Electric Actuator Function options: J3 ON-OFF ELECTRIC ACTUATOR In J+J electric actuators all electrical connections are made externally using the external DIN plugs supplied with the actuator. There is no need to remove the valve actuator’s cover to connect electrically. There are no terminals internally to connect to. Standard function J3 ON-OFF & FAILSAFE WIRING (Same connection for either) Power open, power close. Stays put on loss of external power. Power remains on at all...

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Electric WRAS Approved Brass Ball Valve TYPE: 1100/ 1110/ 1120 Type: 1100 Actuator direct mounted to valve 1100 Dimensions remain unchanged for all versions - On-off, failsafe, modulating and failsafe modulating Model Type: 1110 Actuator fitted to valve via a bracket and drive adapter 1110 Dimensions remain unchanged for all versions - on-off, failsafe, modulating & failsafe modulating Model Type: 1120 Actuator fitted to valve via a TSM stem extension 1120 Dimensions remain unchanged for all versions - on-off, failsafe, modulating & failsafe modulating Model Awaiting details, call for...

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