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W bulk solids processes

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Description Plant Construction Made by Engelsmann Engelsmann plans, manufactures and instals processing plants for bulk solids all over the world - including screening, mixing, filling, discharging, conveying, dosing and weighing systems. The distinguishing features of our plants are a very high reliability and economical functioning, and we always focus on the requirements specified by our customers. Engineering from A to Z Our complete plant solutions include a wide range of engineering services: Conceptual Engineering We develop custom-made turnkey solutions from the project definition...

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Plant Engineering - 3

Fully Automatic Container Discharging Station Container discharging station with movable weighing unit for pharmaceutical additives, for feeding of a downstream filling plant. Recipe-Controlled Dosing and Filling Plant Recipe-controlled dosing and filling plant for pharmaceutical fillers and additives. Mixing and Filling Plant Plant in GMP execution for mixing and filling of fine product with poor flow properties, including plant qualification. Plant for Automatic Filling of Toner Plant for automatic filling of toner with integrated carriage and tandem dosing screw.

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bulk solids processes

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