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Engelsmann Long-stroke Sieves: Gentle, selective, versatile. JEL Freischwinger JEL Phoenix JEL Regula Standard JEL Freischwinger for granulate material

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Welcome to the Experts for Bulk Solids Processes Founded over 140 years ago, J. Engelsmann AG focused on the specific needs of the bulk solids industry very early on. Whether machines for screening appliances or plants for filling and emptying big bags, Engelsmann designs, manufactures and distributes process solutions for almost all kinds of bulk solids across the world. The state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and a quality management system that complies with ISO 9001:2008 ensure that all Engelsmann products are highly safe and of an excellent quality. „We make short work of your...

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Long-stroke sieves Gently Beautiful: The Long-stroke Sieve Family Engelsmann screening machines are used all over the world. The product portfolio ranges from vibration and centrifugal screening machines to long-stroke sieves. In all areas where a combination of precise and product-protecting screening and high throughput rates is required, there is no getting around the advantages of the Engelsmann brand long-stroke screening machines. High Levels of Selectivity Convincing facts High levels of selectivity of up to 98 % Product-protecting screening process Low energy consumption (e.g....

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JEL Freischwinger: One Sieve for any Eventuality The Freischwinger long-stroke sieve is designed for a broad field of applications. Thanks to its exact and gentle classi­ fication and the high specific throughput rate per square metre of screening surface, the JEL Freischwinger is used as control or classifying sieve in the production of virtually all bulk solids. Efficiency in both form and function The interior of the JEL Freischwinger is designed for an efficient and economic screening process. For instance, a baffle plate attached transversally to the screening surface ensures an...

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Practical: Off the Shelf, but Nevertheless Tailored The long-stroke sieves of the Freischwinger series are characterised by a broad field of application. Whether as protective, control, or classifying sieve, they are used in all industries processing dry and pourable bulk solids. According to the requirements, the JEL Freischwinger design is tailored to the respective screening assignment. Coarse and fine screening of different types of teaClassification screening of fertilizers (KAS) Detailed requirements ■ Separation of different tea leaf sizes ■ Elimination of foreign matter (e. g....

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Versatility in Screening: JEL Phoenix The Freischwinger version JEL Phoenix stands for more flexibility, resource efficiency and profitability when using screening technology. As a long-stroke screening machine, it combines a particularly gentle product handling during Comfortable handling – efficient maintenance The sieve inserts are inserted laterally into the cassettes so that a screen change can be carried out in no time. Lifting the single cassettes is not necessary. The cassette module is suspended from steel ropes in the rack frame and can be tilted. In combination with the stroke...

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Examples of application The JEL Phoenix has been specifically developed for the requirements regarding products, screening processes and / use with chemicals and plastics. Thanks to various possible or production volumes. applications, the long-stroke screening version is particularly interesting for operators who are confronted with changing Sifting off oversized particles Combined sifting of oversized andin the production of detergents undersized catalysts Detailed requirements ■ Screening of different product volumes (short-term production peaks of up to 40 % above average...

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Regula Standard: The No. 1 for EPS The Regula Standard long-stroke screening machine is designed specifically for classification screening of expandable polystyrene (EPS). EPS can be found in many plastic products. The requirements regarding the required grain sizes are accordingly diverse. No problem when using the Regula Standard: up to eight different fractions can be separated in one screening process. With the sieve decks positioned on top of each other, resulting in low space requirements at a large screening surface, the Regula Standard is the multi-deck machine among the Engelsmann...

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when several fractions must be classified within one screening process at a low installation surface area. Practically Proven The Regula Standard screening machine is mainly used for classification screening of EPS, but is also used in other fields of the industry. The Regula Standard is a practical solution Classification of citric acid Classification screening of EPS Detailed requirements ■ Classification of different grades ■ Selective classification ■ High throughput rate Machine design ■ Classification of 6 fractions in one screening process ■ Motor-driven lifting mechanism for sieve...

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JEL Freischwinger Granulat: Mr. 100 % The granulate material screening machine of the Freischwinger product range has been designed for ideal excess length separation of all established plastic granulate materials in the production. Sieve inserts arranged in stages on top of each other allow for multiple screening of the granulate material and therefore outsize-free screening of excess lengths and / or multiples. The granulate material screening machine is equipped with up to five sieve decks. Prepared for high flexibility The sieves can be replaced and the specialised Freischwinger machine...

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Production programme Engelsmann screening machines The Siblings of the Long-stroke Sieve Family at one Glance Along with the long-stroke screening machines, the vibration and centrifugal sieve series complete the product portfolio of Engelsmann screening machines. From the grading screening JEL VibSpeed │  Vibration Screening Machine Used for coarse and fine separation, as well as for the classification of powdery and/or granulated bulk solids, the JEL VibSpeed convinces with many cleaning options. machine for multiple sorting to the strainer for straining oversized products – we have the...

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