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Vibration Screening Machine Whether the JEL VibSpeed is used for classification or for protective screening of pourable and dry bulk solids in production or in the laboratory, it excels thanks to a wide range of application and of options for adjusting and cleaning. ► operation The JEL VibSpeed has a modular and compact structure. Similar industries Finely powdered Protective screening The screening process is continuous. The machine operates dust free and with low noise levels. After loosening the clamping device the sieve inserts can be removed to the top. The sieve deck has an inclination of 5° adjustable by ± 2°. The direction of oscillation is achieved through configuration of the vibrators. The adjustment range is from 0° to 90° in intervals of 15°. Coarse/Oversize Fine grain screening screening Vibration SieVe │ Jel Vibspeed 3 Easy exchange of sieves 5 Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning 7 Adjustable vibration motor 2 Nozzles for wetting the product 4 Various screen cleaning systems usable 8 Quick conversion to single decker/double decker

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Vibration Screening Machine Convincing facts ► Design Mobile or stationary base frame Observation window Single and double decker Nozzles for wetting he t product during screening ► Technical CiP Cleaning Inlet and outlet sleeves tailored to the individual process Screen cleaning by ultra- sound, balls or triangles GMP/ATEX design and gas-proof design Easy to clean thanks to smooth, highly accessible surfaces Direct access to the machine by using the hinged cover Excellent seal on fine mesh diameters, too Double Decker Quick conversion to single decker/ double decker Quick and simple change...

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