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Centrifugal Screening Machine The JEL Viro has been developed to be used as a control or grading sieve for bulk solids with poor flow properties and difficult to screen. Due to its compact design and continuous operation, the machine is suitable for a wide range of applications. The product to be screened is fed vertically into a distribution chamber, from which it is led to the sieve via a feeding spiral. The product is distributed evenly on the screening surface within the two-part sieve basket. A high throughput capacity is obtained as a result of the centrifugal force of the sieve rotor and the additional vibration for cleaning the screen mesh. ► Machine Finely powdered ► Screening Protective screening Similar industries Oversize grain Grading screening The JEL Viro has a modular and compact structure. Coarse screening Fine screening Centrifugal Sieve │ JEL Viro 1 Adjustable beater ledges 3 Seals according to FDA requirements 2 Continuous screen cleaning by excitation of the screen mesh 4 Easy changing of sieve half shells 6 Product feeding via integrated spiral/conveying screw Picture: type 300 –1200 with two sieve baskets Screening Tech

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Centrifugal Screening Machine Stainless steel material GMP/ATEX design Gas-proof design is possible Convincing facts Screening output 400 % higher than that of standard centrifugal screening machines Quick screen changing (maximum two minutes) Easy operation (by only one person) Specially designed for screening fatty and adhering products ■Hardly measurable transmission of vibrations to the building structure Gear motor Vibration motor Screening surface H3 Centrifugal Sieve │ JEL Viro *Sieve basket diameter **Sieve basket length contact person Do you still have questions or would you like a...

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