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Vibration Screening Machine The JEL Konti is mainly used in production and in laboratories. Suitable for dry and pourable bulk solids, the fact that the sieve inserts can be removed at the front end allows the machine to be cleaned quickly without removing the product feed or output. The screening process is continuous. The machine operates dust free and with low noise levels. After opening the two quick clamps, the sieve insert can be drawn out of the machine at the front end. The screen inclination of the JEL Konti can be set at between 3.5° a ­ nd 6.5°. The direction of oscillation is achieved through configu­ ration of the vibrators. The adjustment range is from 0° to 90° in intervals of 15°. ► Machine ► Screening Protective screening Similar industries Finely powdered The JEL Konti has a modular and compact structure. Pharma­ ceuticals Coarse/Oversize Fine grain screening screening 3 Stainless steel design 5 Adjustable vibration motor 2 Various screen cleaning systems 4 Simple and quick screen changing 6 Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning *(standard design from type 1000) 8 Adjustable screen inclination* Screening Technology for Professionals – by Pr

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Vibration Screening Machine Convincing facts JEL Konti ► Design Stainless steel material GMP/ATEX design and gas-proof design Single and double decker Movable or stationary base frame Screen cleaning by ltrau sound, balls or triangles Inlet and outlet sleeves Integrated inspection window Splash apron Cleaned quickly on the spot without having to remove the product feed or output ■Easy to change the screen using the front-end changeable insert ■Existing plants can be retrofitted since the design is conceived to save space ■High specification screening output since there is less product delay...

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