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Long-Stroke Screening Machine Thanks to its exact and gentle operation and the high specific throughput rate, the JEL Freischwinger is used for a broad field of applications. The grain spectrum of the long-stroke screening machine ranges from 40 µm to 20 mm. ► Operation The screening process is continuous. The machine operates dust free and with low noise levels. The flywheel drive ensures horizontal movement of the sieve, based on the principle of exact mass balancing. The separation of bulk solids is done from fine to coarse. Depending on the product, the machine can be designed for a vibration amplitude of 15 to 60 mm. The adjustable sieve inclination from 1 to 3° allows for the adjustment to individual product and screening requirements.* Similar industries Protective screening Finely powdered The JEL Freischwinger has a modular structure. Pharma­ ceuticals Coarse/Oversize Fine  grain screening screening 1 High level of selectivity 5 Adjustable screen inclination 7 Exact and gentle screening 2 Various screen cleaning systems 6 Easy sieve replacement *(angle of inclination from 0 to 8° available upon request) Screening Technology for Professionals – by Professionals Double Decker Freischwinger Double Decke

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Long-Stroke Screening Machine ► Design Stainless steel material (product contacting parts) Available as a single decker* Possible speed adjustment Gas-proof design ATEX design Various screen cleaning systems (rubber balls, triangles and ultrasound) Exact and gentle screening High level of selectivity during classification (up to 99%) Easy and quick sieve replacement (8 minutes in the case of a 4 m² screening surface) Very low dynamic forces Low energy consumption (e.g. 1.5 kW for a 8 m² screening surface) Short downtimes due to quick cleaning Convincing facts Double Decker LONG-STROKE...

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