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Trickle Protection for Big Bag Filling JEL FlowStop ensures the contamination-free filling of big bags. Trickle protection prevents the contamination of staff and machine parts owing to product trickling out and, in the design with positioners, allows for continuous metering. ► Operation Finely powdered Similar industries Pharma­ ceuticals During or after the end of the filling process, both halves of the protective flap close. Trickling of product from the feed tube is thus prevented. The intake nozzle of the big bag to be filled is held and fixed by the integrated blowing collar. Optionally equipped with positioners, the JEL FlowStop can also be used as a continuous metering unit. The JEL FlowStop trickle protection can be manually or automatically operated. 1 Inflatable sleeve for secure fixing of the big bag intake nozzle 2 Continuous metering of the product with use of positioners 3 Protection flap to avoid contamination through product trickling out 4 No lubricated parts in the interior and thus no contamination of

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Trickle Protection for Big Bag Filling Stainless steel material Optionally available in CiP design Aspiration connection available upon request Also available with tri-clamp nozzle Pneumatic or manual operation possible Convincing facts No product contamination of staff or downstream machine parts ■Also usable as a continuous metering unit with the use of positioners No contamination of the product thanks to a lack of lubricated parts in the interior Reduced need for maintenance due to a small number of wear parts Suitable for use with pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs Upgradeable...

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