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Vibration Screening Machine With its reasonable cost price, simple operation and quick delivery time, the JEL EasyVib is specially designed for screening tasks where machines are required to be used in a cost-effective way. The screening process is continuous. The machine operates dust free and with low noise levels. The hookstrip screen can be easily lifted upwards out of the machine once the retaining device has been released. The angle of the screen deck can be set at between 2° and 5°. The direction of oscillation is achieved through configuration of the vibrators. The adjustment range is from 35° to 65° in intervals of 15°. ► Machine Finely powdered ► Screening Protective screening The JEL EasyVib has a modular structure. Similar industries Pharma­ ceuticals Coarse/Oversize Fine  grain screening screening Vibration Sieve │ JEL EasyVib 1 Simple screen changing 7 Adjustable screen inclination 2 Stainless steel hookstrip screen 4 FDA compliant plug-in seals 6 Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning 8 Adjustable vibration motor 9 Simple anchorage to the ground

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Vibration Screening Machine Convincing facts JEL EasyVib ► Design Stainless steel material Adapter system for different outlets from DN 150 to DN 250 ATEX design Single and double decker With or without cover Guide plate for granulate screening ► Technical Low purchasing prices and extremely short delivery times Modular structure for quick cleaning and simple operation Reduced need for maintenance due to a small number of wear parts Cost-effective replacement parts that are delivered quickly Can be adjusted to suit different products both quickly and with flexibility details Vibration...

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