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Long-stroke Screening Machine JEL Phoenix The Experts for bulk solids processes ► JEL Phoenix The JEL Phoenix is suitable for a wide range of screening applications and products. The long-stroke sieve combines a gentle screening process with highest screening precision and optimal screening and energy efficiency. Thanks to the modular cartridge construction, a variety of different screening surfaces and screening tasks can be reproduced with a single machine. ► Operation The heart of the JEL Phoenix is the cartridge module in which up to 4 screen decks can be stacked on top of one another depending on the task. Thanks to the adjustment of the stroke and the inclination, even difficult products can be screened efficiently and with optimal use of the screen mesh. ► Machine equipment The modular construction principle of the JEL Phoenix offers a range of useful features with many benefits: ► Areas of application |l| Easy screen changing |2| Efficient oscillating drive |3| Inclination adjustment Flexible outlets for covering distances |5| Modular cartridge system |6| Wide variety of screen cleaning systems |7| Stroke adjustment |8| Gentle screening with high screening precision

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► Design ■ Materials: Stainless steel (coming into contact with the product) with a wide variety of surface treatments ■ Number of sieve cartridges: 1 to 4 (up to 5 fractions) ■ Two screen inserts per sieve cartridge ■ Measurable screening surface: 1.5 to 6 m2 ■ Product flow distribution for larger screening surfaces ■ Stepless stroke and angle adjustment with indicator scale ■ Mesh sizes from 40 pm to 20 mm ■ Wide variety of screen cleaning systems: balls and ultrasound ■ Dust and pressure-tight to 20 mbar ■ Flexible arrangement of the outlets ■ ATEX model ■ All seals made from...

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Long-stroke Screening Machine JEL Phoenix More versatility thanks to a modular cartridge system The cartridge system in the JEL Phoenix allows for the installation of up to four screen decks. Depending on the number of decks installed and the mesh widths used for the screen inserts, there are up to twelve different possible applications for the user. Advantages of the modular cartridge system SIMULTANEOUS CLASSIFICATION SCREENING Separation of up to five fractions in classification screening through the installation of up to four sieve cassettes with different mesh widths Increase in the...

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Screening technology Machine Portfolio JEL FREISCHWINGER │ Long-stroke sieve JEL REGULA STANDARD │ Long-stroke sieve JEL VIBSPEED │ Vibration screening sieve JEL EASYVIB │ Vibration screening sieve JEL KONTI │ Vibration screening sieve JEL FIX │ Vibration screening sieve JEL TWS │ Vibration screening sieve JEL PALAFIX │ Centrifugal screening sieve JEL PS │ Centrifugal screening sieve JEL VIRO │ Centrifugal screening sieve contact person Do you still have questions or would you like a non-binding price quotation? Then simply contact our team of experts. Jürgen Baer Screening technology Phone...

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