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Engelsmann Vibration Sieves: Universal, economic, compact. bulk solids processes

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Welcome to the Experts for Bulk Solids Processes Founded over 140 years ago, J. Engelsmann AG focused on the specific needs of the bulk solids industry very early on. Whether machines for screening appliances or plants for filling and emptying big bags, Engelsmann designs, manufactures and distributes process solutions for almost all kinds of bulk solids across the world. The state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and a quality management system that complies with ISO 9001:2008 ensure that all Engelsmann products are highly safe and of an excellent quality. „We make short work of your...

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Vibration Screening Machines Flexibility is their Advantage: The Vibration Sieve Family Screening machines from Engelsmann are in operation across the world. In addition to vibration screening machines, the company`s product portfolio includes long-stroke and centrifugal screening machines. In all sectors where screening needs to be efficient and cost-effective but also be highly flexible, vibration screening machines from Engelsmann are certainly difficult to surpass. Convincing facts High screening output by reducing delay time considerably Vibration motors run silently Short downtime...

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JEL Konti – The Classic With its highly specified screening output, the Konti vibration screening machine is the perfect choice for continuous control and classification screening processes in production and in the laboratory. Suitable for dry and fluid bulk solids, the fact Excellent output and operating efficiency The JEL Konti reaches a very high-specification screening output of up to 30 t/m2 each hour when used as a control screening machine for separating foreign parts and over-sized particles. Due to its reduced dimensions, the machine can be integrated into existing plants at a...

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Application Examples JEL Konti is used across all sectors of the industry predom inantly in production and in the laboratory. Thanks to its modular and compact design, the machine can be adjusted to the screening process as required and can be integrated Over-sized particles and dust screening for catalysts into existing plants. JEL Konti is dust-free and runs very quietly during continuous screening. Classifying pharmaceutical precursors Detailed requirements Detailed requirements Selective separation (99 %) of over-sized particles and dust particles Classification screening to prevent...

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JEL Fix - Small but Mighty Whether in the laboratory, production or pilot plants, JEL Fix is particularly suited to small spaces since it has a low design height and requires less floor space. The round screening machine is available in a range of designs and is suitable for Coarse materials screened in double-quick time The JEL Fix series was designed for continuous and discontinuous screening processes for separating foreign objects or large particles from production processes that require a particle range of 25 μm to 20 mm. For continuous screening processes, the round screening machine...

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Application Examples JEL Fix is predominantly used for protective and control screening of dry and fluid bulk solids and is used in all sectors where there is little assembly space available or where screening applications have to be integrated into existing plants. Its range of sizes and designs means that the JEL Fix series can be adjusted to fit the screening task required. Control screening detergents Protective screening for pharmaceutical precursors Detailed requirements Detailed requirements Prevents finished products from being contaminated with foreign objects Prevents foreign...

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Your Silo`s Companion: JEL TWS The JEL TWS vibration screening machine is a quality control sieve to protect production plants and end products from contamination. It is particularly suited to being integrated into the delivery pipeline when emptying tankers or can be used A screen for coarse materials With a screen diameter of 500 mm and 800 mm as well as a screen surface area of up to 0.5 m2, the JEL TWS screening machine really shows what it can do by reaching a maximum throughput rate of up to 30 t/h on gas-proof designs of up to 2 bar. TWS screening machines are designed for mesh...

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Application Examples The JEL TWS is particularly used as a mobile protective or control screening machine in raw materials supply processes within the chemical, plastics processing and other related industries. Depending on the circumstances, the JEL TWS is also used in sectors where strict hygiene regulations are in place or in ATEX zones in order to guarantee a high level of quality in product processing. Protective screening for PVC powder Detailed requirements Protects the extruder from foreign objects ■ Metal contaminants are screened out ■ Can be used in areas where explosive...

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JEL EasyVib – Simple Screening Made Easy If screening needs to be simple, cost-effective and quickly, then choose the JEL EasyVib. With its reasonable cost price and simple operation, the JEL EasyVib is specially designed for screening tasks where machines are required to be used Simply ideal for separating the large from the small JEL EasyVib was particularly designed for protective screening and for removing over-sized particles from powdery and granular bulk solids within the plastics and chemical industry. The vibration screening machine is based on a modular building blocks principle...

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Application Examples The JEL EasyVib is specially designed for less complex screening processes such as protective screening and for removing over-sized particles from dry and fluid bulk solids in production processes in the chemical, plastics and other related industries. Thanks to its modular design the machine is easy to operate and quick to clean, thus reducing downtime and guaranteeing that the machine is ready to be operated. Protective screening for carbonates Detailed requirements Under-sized particles are removed ■ Cost-effective solution required ■ Simple operation and quick to...

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