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Big bag emptying Big bag filling Big bag connecting The Experts for bulk solids processes

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Welcome to the Experts for Bulk Solids Processes Founded over 140 years ago, J. Engelsmann AG focused on the specific needs of the bulk solids industry very early on. Whether machines for screening appliances or plants for filling and emptying big bags, Engelsmann designs, manufactures and distributes process solutions for almost all kinds of bulk solids across the world. The state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and a quality management system that complies with ISO 9001:2008 ensure that all Engelsmann products are highly safe and of an excellent quality. „We make short work of your...

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Think Big with Engelsmann Big bags are a great help when bulk solids need to be transported and stored cost-efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way. Engelsmann is specialised in the development, manufacturing and distribution of systems for filling and emptying of big bags for bulk processes. Our solutions are based on the individual requirements of our clients and always follow fundamental principles: Turnkey Turnkey and ready for operation We develop custom-made turnkey solutions ranging from project definition over planning and manufacturing up to commissioning. With our...

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Clever Big Bag Filling When filling big bags, the highest demands in terms of safety and hygiene for products and persons must be fullfilled. Thanks to their experience with different filling applications, Engelsmann engineers offer expert solutions. Be it for powderbased or granular products or filling in explosive environments, Engelsmann offers customer-specific system concepts for standard big bag sizes with and without inliners. Dosing in big bags is either achieved using screw conveyors, rotary valves or dosing chutes. If required, dosing can either be realised gravimetrically or...

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Practically Proven: Big Bag Filling made by Engelsmann Engelsmann filling systems are used in various industry and application sectors. Integrated in existing production processes, they ensure safe and profitable filling of big bags. Application Example Big bag filling system for screening of yield and waste Incorporated in the coarse and fine screening process of granular products, filtered out fine and oversized granulates are to be separated from yield and filled in big bags or drums. Detailed requirements ■ Screening and filling with a compact machine unit with low space requirements ■...

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Big Bag Emptying: Safety First Emptying of big bags places many requirements on technology and personnel: dust-proof docking and emptying requires operationally safe and user-friendly solutions and flexibility. Big bag emptying stations made by Engelsmann are based on individual application requirements and can be used up to OEB class 4. Convincing facts ■ Modular design ■ Emptying aid for refitting ■ Weighing technology and weighing module for negative weighing for refitting ■ Tensioning unit for big bag for refitting ■ CIP cleaning system for refitting ■ Easy height adjustment for change...

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Practically Proven: Big Bag Emptying made by Engelsmann Big bag emptying systems made by Engelsmann are customised according to individual customer requirements. These systems are suitable for various applications and offer highly automatic and precise emptying of big bags. Application Example Big bag emptying system for cartridge filling Development and delivery of a cartridge filling system made it possible to realise one of the largest automatic cartridge production facility in Germany. The system was designed for production of customer-specific company colours guaranteeing general...

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The Experts for bulk solids processes

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