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JCC Cellar Coolers 2011 The JCC cellar cooler range from J & E Hall provides a range of cost effective and reliable units designed to maintain temperatures required for beer and wine cellars. The units are fitted with a standard electronic controller across the range which allow room temperatures down to 4°C making the units suitable for extending the life of perishable goods such as fruit, flowers, dairy products and vegetables. The JCC indoor units utilise brewery specification 6 fins per inch evaporator coils and a powder coated mild steel casing for ease of cleaning which together with the tried and tested condensing unit has produced a winning combination. General spcifications Galvanised mild steel casing with polyester powder coating 镕 Refrigerant R410A 6 fins per inch brewery specification evaporator coils Օ Condensing unit fitted with rotary compressor Low pressure switch fitted to all indoor unit models Օ Standard electronic temperature controller across four models Suitable for wall or ceiling mounting without the use of additional brackets Benefits Օ Cooling Capacity: 1.68kW - 6.70kW Low noise Օ Cost effective solution Operates down to 4°C Օ Small footprint Ease of installation Օ Accurate temperature control Quick Slection Cooling Capacities @ 32°C Ambient Above ground (max. room m3 ) Below ground (max. room m3 ) 4°C 8°C 16°C JCC2 25E / J5LC15C 20 32 1.68 1.85 2.45 2.76 JCC2 40E / J5LC20C 45 65 2.96 3.36 4.05 4.28 JCC2 50E / J5LC25C 60 106 3.96 4.40 5.10 5.58 JCC2 60E / J5LC28C 72 130 4.92 5.34 6.13 6.70 Above based on typical UK cellar construction «Maximum product load of 16 l/m3, entering room at max temp of 21°C 镕32°C ambient (21°C for below ground); 12.7°C db / 10°C wb internal «Product cooling time 24hours, plant running time of 18 hours a day International

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