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Meter Catalog - 2

iS@ST SiMULOTOR (fJjSDfM! ip\nsMARTJOL/SENSING J&D is a market leader in current and voltage sensors. Built with its advanced Al and loT technology, J&D is launching products such as the Outdoor Waterproof Rogowski Coil CT, the Split-Core Power Metering CT, an Advanced Power Quality Meter, a Branch Circuit Power Meter and a Wireless Distribution Transfbrmer Monitoring System. The brand new PQ-CT Series, which consists of the JPS Series Split-Core CT and the JRFS-RM Series Rogowski coil CT, can be used for power quality monitoring and highly accurate revenue grade metering for both AC and DC...

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Meter Catalog - 4

POWER QUALITY METER BRAN CH CIRCUIT POW ER M ETER Dimension (W x D x H) Mounting method EasyM odular Panel mounting Operation power supply At 3P3W, Max 265VAX L-L Input measured voltage Phase and wire system Number of CT (Current Transformer) Power Factor Unbalance factor Leakage current Voltage Sag/Swell Harmonic Software support External memory Measuring parameter Panel Display Monitor

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Meter Catalog - 5

The PQ6300 series is a multifunctional digital Power Quality Meter that measures power and energy to perform power quality analysis, alarm, and data logging in real time. It also displays measurement data on high definition LCD and supports various means of network communication. It measures voltage and current with 0.2% accuracy and meets 0.5S class of IEC62053-22 for electric power. Therefore, it is possible to precisely analyze and diagnose various problems in energy management and power facilities. Additionally, it measures all measurement parameters using standard RS485 or Ethernet...

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Meter Catalog - 6

CHARACTERISTICS • True real-time power quality analysis and precise measurement • Measurement element: phase & line voltage, current, frequency, power factor, Active / Reactive / Apparent Power, Voltage / Current unbalance, Active / Reactive / Apparent Energy, etc. • 31st harmonic measurement • A wide range of CT options - 10mA / 333mV / 100mA / 5A / Rogowski coil etc. • Over / Under Limit Alarm • Additional option modules - DI / DO / Ethernet / Temperature • Display clear information on high-definition 4.3" TFT LCD • Easy operation with large front panel touch keys • Waveform Display...

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Meter Catalog - 7

♦ STEP 2. Add-on Modules COMMUNICATION DIAGRAM Daisy-chain can connect maximum 24 PQ6300 POWER & ENERGY MONITORING 7

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Meter Catalog - 8

WI-GEM & MULTI-GEM NETWORK SYSTEM consists of WI-GEM(EMU, EMR, EMC) with ZigBee solution & 18Ch. MULTI-GEM. WI-GEM & MULTI-GEM NETWORK SYSTEM is used for monitoring of energy or electrical parameters at distribution panel of IDC, Building, Shopping Mall, Factory. The sensing data(V(I) 2nd~63rd Individual Harmonic, kW, kWh) by WI-GEM from main feeder is sent the data to EMC with wireless communication, another sensing data by Multi-GEM from a distribution panel is sent to EMR by using RS232, the gathering data at EMR is sent to EMC by using ZigBee. EMC send its data from WI-GEM & MULTI-GEM...

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Meter Catalog - 9

Wireless Green Energy Meter(Wi-GEM) adopts ZigBee solution for a wireless telecommunication. It is used for industrial application like factory, building automation and SCADA as well. Wi-GEM is consisted of EMU(Energy Meter Unit), EMR(Energy Meter Router), EMC(Energy Meter Coordinator) and iSAST OPEN CTs such as split CTs or flexible Rogowski coils by customer need. Customer can choose their power lines from single phase to 3P3W(2CT) / 3P4W for metering. It measures power energy consumption effectively in real time. User can set up time to collect data. After installation of one EMU, it...

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Meter Catalog - 10

CERTIFICATION RELATED This product has been designed to comply with the following standards and directives : Measuring Equipment C US E344623 4YP9 CAT III LISTED FCC Part 15, Class C For more details, see this manual. GLOSSARY Wi-GEM(Wireless Green Energy Meter) : Product name that consists of EMU, EMC, and EMR. EMU(Energy Meter Unit) : Energy meter that collects the required electrical parameters. EMC(Energy Meter Coordinator) : The network gateway. EMR(Energy Meter Router) : Router between EMU and EMC. RTC(Real Time Clock) Modbus : Communication protocol. L1/L2/L3/N : In case of 3phase...

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Meter Catalog - 11

WIRELESS GREEN ENERGY METEREMU (ENERGY METER UNIT) GENERAL FEATURES EMU is the energy meter that collects the required electrical parameters at the specific interval after its sensors are fixed on the power cable. A single EMU can also be connected to a computer for analysis. An EMU can have 2 sensors that measure the electrical parameters for 3phase 3wires(L1/L2/L3). An EMU can have 3 sensors that measure the electrical parameters for 3phase 4wires(L1/L2/L3/N). It can support wirings for single phase, 3phase 3wires, and 3phase 4wires. Communication is possible by a single EMU or multiple...

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Meter Catalog - 12

WIRELESS GREEN ENERGY METER Energy Meter Router Energy Meter Coordinator Energy Meter Router Energy Meter Router Energy Meter Router Wi-GEM Network Topology PHASE CONNECTION Wiring for Single phase 2wires Circuit Breaker POWER & ENERGY MONITORING Circuit Breaker Circuit Breaker

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Meter Catalog - 13

Multi Green Energy Meter(Multi-GEM) offers reliable and accurate energy monitoring & management in real-time at electric multiple feeding points. The Multi-GEM automatically provides metering, demand, energy readings and loggings over multi feeding points with Multi-GEM 18 channels monitoring from the 18 feeders for 1P2W, 8 feeders for 3P3W, 6 feeders for 3P4W or any combination of single and three phase circuits.This useful flexibility makes Multi-GEM to be effective over IDC(lnternet Data Center), office buildings and shopping mall and the other industries. Current detection of Multi-GEM...

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Meter Catalog - 14

CHARACTERISTICS • Multi Green Energy Meter (Multi-GEM) is able to measure and monitor multi electric power loads. • Max. 18 Channels 1P2W or Max. 8 channels 3P3W feeders(needs an auxiliary transformer for providing 230V supply) or Max. 6 channels for 3P4W power monitoring. • Measurement : Phase voltage, Line voltage & current, Frequency, Power Factor, Unbalance. • Active/Reactive/Apparent Power, Active/Reactive/Apparent Energy. • 0.5/1.0 Class accuracy for power measurement conformed by IEC62053-22/IEC62053-21. • Flexible application for the single phase 2wires / 3phase 4wires / 3phase...

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