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Split-core AC/DC differential CTs DC Fast Charging AC Charging [ Graph for Full scale and Reading accuracy ] [WhatisJ&D?] Reading accuracy by AOCT technology ♦ Our Mission ♦ Our mission is to create and provide the high quality current sensing technology and power quality equipment that enables the efficient use of electricity throughout the world. ♦ Our team ♦ We are staffed by a team of highly qualified design engineers, software and firmware engineers, applications engineers, production technicians and sales and support specialists ali with a common. ♦ Our products ♦ We are leading the market, providing innovative and high quality solutions for measuring electrical parameters. Our product line card is mainly used in abroad range of applications such as sub-metering, Distributed energy resources and DC Microgrid businesses. ♦ Our Objective ♦ We meet our customer's needs with reliable and accurate products at a reasonable cost, with the highest level of professional service. LINE CARD GUIDE EV-CHARGING Pioneers innovating Microgrids Tftn SMART JOU SENSING www.hqsensing.com

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