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IACT36I-XXX SERIES IACTXXI series is a split core current transformer for the electronic measurement of AC waveform current with galvanic separation between the primary current and the secondary output voltage. IACTXXI series is an ideal CTid built-in split-core current transformer for JAGUAR IoT meters, and its ratio error and phase displacement are fully tested with IEC 61869-2 standards accuracy Class 1.0 and IEEE/ANSI C57.13 Class 1.2. Features ■ Rated current: 400 and 600 amps ■ Monitoring-grade: 1.0% accuracy ■ Compact and low weight ■ Opening: 1.39 x 1.39 inches (35.3 x 35.3 mm) Standards ■ UL Listed (UL 2808, XOBA) for field installation ■ UL/EN61010-1(PICQ) : Pollution Degree: 2 CAT m, 600 Vac ■ IEC 61869-2 standards accuracy Class 1.0 and IEEE/ANSI C57.13 Class 1.2 Note: the burden resistor is built into the IACT24I-XXX SERIES. Please refer to "Split-core Current Transformer Installation Guide” for further details. Specifications are subject to change without notice

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1. Specifications ■ Line Frequency : 50 to 60 Hz ■ Maximum Continuous Primary Current : 720 amps ■ Maximum Voltage : 600 Vac ■ Overvoltage and Measurement Category : CAT III: 600 Vac ■ Output Lead Wires : Standard length : 8 ft (2.44 m) Gauge : #24 AWG ■ Voltage : 600 Vac ■ Output : Voltage output, integral burden resistor Output Voltage at Rated Amps: 333 mV Output Protection: includes internal burden resistor 1.1 Accuracy ■ Ratio Error : Accuracy 1.0% conforms to IEC 61869-2 & IEEE/ANSI C57.13 meets the measuring range from 1% to 120% of In ■ Phase Angle : 50/60 Hz - 0.0 to 1.0 degrees...

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Dimensions IACT36I-XXX SERIES (in mm) IACT36I Unit:inches(mm) White wire Black wire Output Cable Labels Front Label Right Side Label ▪ Orientation : Mount the CT reffering to the right side label attached(P1->P2).

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• CT housing color options : Black, White LED light flashes when commanded through the interface. Schematic Diagram

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Typical Accuracy ▪ In the following graphs, a positive phase angle error indicates that the output of the CT leads the primary current. ▪ Graphs show typical performance at 25°C(77°F), 50/60 Hz 120 Phase Displacement ( minutes ) Ratio error (%)

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Safety The J&D CTs are UL/EN 61010-1, CE, RoHS compliant and certified, are also conformed up to Pollution degree 2, 600Vac CAT III rated devices. Please be sure that Failure to follow these instructions can result in serious injury and/or cause damage. The transducer shall be used in electric/electronic equipment in accordance with the operating instructions of all related systems and component manufacturers with respect to applicable standards and safety requirements. Follow corresponding national regulations and safe electrical work practices. This equipment must only be installed and...

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