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DC/AC current sensor, IDCSXXP series, applying with accurate laminating split-core technology and Open-Loop technology, has a strong durability and a good stability of error in low current and external vibration or shock. Features • One touch split core structure • Isolation measurement CATIII • Three Installation type: Panel mounting / DIN rail mounting / Cable tie mounting • Insulating plastic case recognized under UL94-V0 • Complied with CE and RoHSIII Advantages • Low power consumption with high accuracy • Easy mounting by Split-core structure • No insertion losses • DC Immunity Applications • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) • Monitoring and measuring Power supplies for Telecom • Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) • Battery supplied applications • Chopper / Inverter monitoring • DC Power Meter Specifications are subject to c

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Output Voltage Characteristic Frequency Characteristic How to use Specifications are subject to change without notice

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Dimensions IDCS36P (in mm) IDCS36P-XXX series IDCS36P-XXX series Connection Diagram This product needs ±15V (+15V and -15V DC bi-polar power supply) as operating power supply. Even if the case of detecting current with only plus direction, it still ±15V needs. In any case, it is not possible to operate with only +15V Power supply 0V -15V (COM) +15V + 15V -15 V OUT 0V COM IN PUT Output measuring instrument Manufacturer Wisdom Specifications are subject to change without notice

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Split-Core Current Transducer IDCS36P Mounting option DIN rail mounting Panel mounting Place the cradle on the Panel and fix it via M5 screw. Install the product on the cradle, while matching the arrow direction of cradle and indication in the bottom of the product. ※ Sealing for metering standards (All types are available) Specifications are subject to change without not

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Split-Core Current Transducer IDCS36P Safety The J&D CTs are UL/EN 61010-1, CE, RoHS compliant and certified, are also conformed up to Pollution degree 2, 600Vac CAT III rated devices. Please be sure that Failure to follow these instructions can result in serious injury and/or cause damage. The transducer shall be used in electric/electronic equipment in accordance with the operating instructions of all related systems and component manufacturers with respect to applicable standards and safety requirements. Follow corresponding national regulations and safe electrical work practices. This...

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