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IDCSXXI series is a split core current transformer for the electronic measurement of DC waveform current with galvanic separation between the primary current and the secondary output voltage. IDCSXXI series is an ideal CTid built-in split-core current transformer for JAGUAR IoT meters, and its accuracy is 1%. Applications • AC variable speed drives and servo motor drives • Static converters for DC motor drives • Battery supplied applications • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) • Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) • Power supplies for welding applications. Advantages • Low temperature drift • Optimized response time • Wide frequency bandwidth • No insertion losses • High immunity to external interference • Current overload capability. • Excellent accuracy • Very good linearity Specifications are subject to change

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How to use Specifications are subject to change without notice

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Split-Core Current Transducer IDCS36I Powered Sensor Wiring Program • CT housing color options : Black, White unpowered sensors RJ45 to 2-pin breakout cable. Optional : in-line RJ45 coupler for long distance runs. 5Vdc for power via Mini-USB or 2-pin plug. RED : +5V WHITE : OUTPUT BLACK : GND(Power Supply) GND(Secondary Supply) LED light flashes when commanded through the interface. Safety The J&D CTs are UL/EN 61010-1, CE, RoHS compliant and certified, are also conformed up to Pollution degree 2, 600Vac CAT III rated devices. Please be sure that Failure to follow these instructions can...

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Split-Core Current Transducer IDCS36I Remark • Vo is positive when IP flows in the direction of the arrow. (o : output, p : primary current) • Temperature of the primary conductor should not exceed 75°C(167°F). • Dynamic performances (di/dt and delay time) are the best with a single bar when the primary hole is completely filled. Attention Contact areas (air gap) must be kept clean (particle free) to ensure proper performance. Specifications are subject to change without n

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