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2019 RCT-RGD Series Line Card - 1

Data Analysis Internal Webserver + Data logger New partnership with eGauge Systems JHAO-XXXXSD SERIES' JPSXXH SERIES JPXXNH SERIES • JPC-XXXX SERIES- •JRFS-XXXR SERIES- POWER CONVERSION SYSTEM New partnership with KEPCO Figure I: Compared the accuracy class by graph. J&D ROGOWSKICOILCTS ARE OPTIMAL FOR POWER QUALITY AND REVENUE-GRADE METERING Engineers previously had to decide if the benefits of using flexible Rogowski coil CTs (current transformers) outweighed the losses in accuracy. Now, they don’t have to, thanks to the new RGD series of Rogowski Coil, by J&D. Rogowski coil CTs have always had certain advantages, including: • Flexibility-they fit into tightspaces and around odd shapes. • Ease of i nstall - they ca n be i nstalled u nder load, without the need to i nterrn pt power. Flowever, previously Rogowski coil CTs were avoided when meter engineers designed forthe accuracy standard IEC 61869-2 Class 0.5S and harmonics measuring standard IEC 610004-30 Class A due to their limitations. We are pleased to announce a new Rogowski coil that brings together the best of both worlds. With J&D’s perfect air, two-loop shielding technology, meter manufacturers can leverage all the benefits of flexible Rogowski coils while exceeding IEC 61869-2 Class 0.5S and IEC 610004-30 Class A Wide magnetic shielding technology solves the issue of increased errors due to the magneticfield influence from each phase in a 3-phase system.

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