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PM605KT - 1

I This motorized roller with brushless technology 24VDC, I used with circuit board CB-030, is the most powerfull roller of our products, and on the market. It is designed for heavy loads transport, it can be used for roller conveyors with light to medium loads, and for belt conveyor with classic or plastic Intralox belts. POWER MOLLER

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PM605KT - 2

The roller is made of steel end cap with precision bearings, and of a gearmotor of more than 850N of tangential force on start up, in a 3.25mm thick tube. The roller PM605KT can transport a load up to 1000kg, with It is possible to adjust the transport speed (from 0 to 2.5 sec) with a soft acceleration and deceleration allowing the safe transport of loads that could be unstable. The instantaneous braking is made electronically, without any wearing part. 20 speeds (by external tension) are available for the optimum setting. This signal allows the system to measure data like distance,...

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PM605KT - 3

Circuit board VG pulley 12 teeth with spring loaded shaft Ribbed belts pulley with 12 teeth female threaded shaft Direct current and brushless 24 VDC nominal Continuous or intermittent 1800 starts/h max. Minimum duty cycle : 1s ON / 1s OFF Operation Brake Dynamic braking Nominal speed (m/min) 8,2 - 65,4 IP54, cold room (Contact us for other classes) Protection index Lenght (contact us L>1500) Input signal Start / Stop, Direction of rotation Selection of rotation direction By dip switch (CW/CCW) 20 speeds with a rotating switch or 20 speeds by external analog voltage of 0-10VDC Speed setting...

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PM605KT - 4

Motorized roller ACCELERATION / DECELERATION BELT CONVEYOR Circuit board Start / Stop Speed variation Error signal Pulse signal FLOOR CONVEYOR COLD ROOM ITOH DENKI EUROPE S.A.S. 74800 St Pierre en Faucigny - France E-mail: Suite 1 Trinity Space Centre E-mail: GERMAN BRANCH OFFICE E-mail:

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