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The power roller PM605FE with brushless technology is associated with the external HB510 circuit board with zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) control, which allows the traceability of the loads to be transported. It is designed for conveying light and medium loads for order preparation, distribution, and for assembly lines.

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HiGH CAPACiTY AND RELiABLE T he transfer speed is high with a rate of up to 1800 start up / hour. Stops are accurate and reliable thanks to the dynamic brake, without wear off. I Fast AND MODULAR iNSTALLATiON It is easy to add or remove conveyor zones through the design of modules without changing the ZPA program. Programmed areas’ management All functions necessary to manage zones are preprogrammed to help manage your conveyor. ECOLOGY AND SAFETY No noise or oil rejection. Everything works with very low voltage, without compressed air. Electro-mechanical characteristics Characteristics...

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Structures and dimensions Motorized roller without brake : PM605FE Circuit board without brake : HB510P For more informations about version with mechanical brake, contact us. 800 cycle(%) Duty with HB510 700 with 9 slave rollers by Poly V belt Duty cycle(%) Cardboard box (µ = 0,06) Carton U=0.06 • 9 slave rollers driven by 1 motorized roller • Load to transport Plastique Plastic box (µ = 0,03) PM500FE 15m/min avec CBM-105 entrainant 9 rouleaux libres par courroie Poly V 0 These curves are given as a guide. Transfer capacity depends on the nature and quality of the transported load, the belt...

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Wiring Communication cable Motorized roller PLC N24VDC PM605FE Circuit board Train - 1 package per zone Stepbystep-1 packageperzone All packages move at once 1 package moves at a time Package separation Package insertion ZPA stop Grouped evacuation Long and short packages transport AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY PRODUCTION LINE Contact GERMAN BRANCH OFFICE ITOH DENKI EUROPE S.A.S. uk branch office 5/02/2018-en

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