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PM500XE - 1

PM500XE Integrated Circuit board The brushless motorized roller PM500XE has the circuit board and gear-motor integrated within the roller allowing a good tightness, easy wiring with M8-5pins connector and space saving. It can be easily controlled by: PLC, Asi-Bus via Bihl & Wiedemann module, or logic sensors with integrated ZPA from Wenglor, etc. It is designed for conveyor lines of light and medium loads (up to 300Kg max), in order preparation, in distribution, and for assembly lines. The motorized roller PM500XE is the ideal solution to answer to the difficulties coming from the working environment (liquid, dust, …).

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PM500XE - 2

Advantages Compact and waterproof All is integrated in the roller and the cable is equipped with a M8 connector insuring a maximum tightness (IP67). Starting current limited to 2A in order to optimize the 24VDC power supply. The dynamic braking is guaranteed without any risk of energy return generated during motor stopping. Quick and easy installation Ease of installation on the conveying systems thanks to a practical and quick wiring. No noise or oil rejection. Everything works with very low voltage, without compressed air. Integrated protection Motor and circuit board are protected...

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PM500XE - 3

ELECTRO-MECHANiCAL CHARACTERiSTiCS CHARACTERISTICS Crowned Grooves Tapered Polyurethane PVC Natural rubber / nitrile

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PM500XE - 4

PLC withoutadaptator Start / stop Direction of rotation Speed variation PLC with adaptator Start / stop Direction of rotation Speed adaptator Power supply 24VDC Cross transfer Cold room Acceleration Deceleration Floor conveyor Turn table Lift table Zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) Bifurcation Merge References ORDER PREPARATION ITOH DENKI EUROPE S.A.S. GERMAN BRANCH OFFICE 490 Av. des Jourdies Z.A.E. les Jourdies 74800 St Pierre en Faucigny - France Tél. : +33 (0)4 50 03 09 99 Fax : +33 (0)4 50 03 07 60 E-mail :

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