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The motorized roller PM500FE with brushless technology 24VDC, used with circuit board CBM-105 is designed for conveying light and medium loads for order preparation, distribution, and for assembly lines. This circuit board is separated from the gear-motor in order to optimize the performance, durability of the roller and to offer diverse funCtions such as pulse signals, acceleration/deceleration, optional position holder... The assembly can be controlled by PLC.

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Advantages High capacity and reliable The transfer speed is high with a rate of up to 1800 start up / hour. Stops are accurate and reliable thanks to the dynamic brake, without wear off. No noise or oil rejection. Everything works with very low voltage, without compressed air. Acceleration / Deceleration It is possible to adjust the transport speed (from 0 to 2.5 sec) with a soft acceleration and deceleration allowing the safe transport of loads that could be unstable. Decentralized motorization, mounting and ease of use, simplified and fast line modification. Error signal and protection...

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PM500FE and CBM105 - 3

Structures and DiMENSiONS — Without brake motorized roller version : PM500FE ELECTRO-MECHANiCAL CHARACTERiSTiCS CHARACTERISTICS Ribbed Tapered Polyurethane Natural / nitrile

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Start / stop Direction of rotation Speed variation Error signal Pulse signal Acceleration Deceleration Floor conveyor Cross transfer Bifurcation Merge Zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) Turn table Lifting table References ORDER PREPARATION ITOH DENKI EUROPE S.A.S. GERMAN BRANCH OFFICE 490 Av. des Jourdies Z.A.E. les Jourdies 74800 St Pierre en Faucigny - France Tél. : +33 (0)4 50 03 09 99 Fax : +33 (0)4 50 03 07 60 E-mail :

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