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ITOH DENKI is driven by values of research and innovation, to be able to develop new products that foresee and answer your needs. Since their industrialization in 1975, our research and development center has continued to improve our motorized asynchronous rollers. ITOH DENKI was the first company to offer motorized rollers with 24VDC Brushless technology in 1989, and has continued innovating ever since to anticipate your future needs. Kazuo Itoh, ITOH DENKI President Our objective: anticipate industry 4.0 Being the only fully autonomous manufacturer of motorized rollers, ITOH DENKI manages...

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Power Moller solutions Complex challenges made easy with Itoh Denki Power Moller solutions. Innovation, modularity and security are the main features of ITOH DENKI products, enabling customers to create cutting edge logistics technology. • Predictive maintenance • Integral control logics • Customized sizes • Easy integration within the conveyor Configurable • Acceleration and deceleration • Zero pressure accumulation Economic • Almost Maintenance Free • Long Product Life • Excellent Energy Eciency Power Moller® motorized rollers are the key component of groundbreaking solutions for conveyor...

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Our technology in one conveyor VSS (Vertical Sorting System) Achieving a 3-dimensional buffer, merge and divert With ITOH DENKI’s autonomous decentralized controls, without using a PLC, you can switch between 4 different operation modes according to your needs. SOG (Slide Open Gate) Flat-Right Angle Transfer NX75 Retractable conveyor section STOP STOP 1 ZPA (Zero Pressure Accumulation) transfer control Prevents tote collision and impact damage. MABS multi angle ball sorter 2 Auto gapping transfer control Scalable design More throughput by catch-up transfer. 3 Batch forming transfer control...

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TO PERFORM IdPAC, THE ULTIMATE CONVEYOR SOLUTION READY TO INSTALL Powered by industry leading 24V DC Motorized Roller solutions from Itoh Denki, now adding total user-friendliness. Easy to set-up, easy to run, easy to expand... idPAC provides excellent performance, it's E.A.S.Y.! We embedded an electronic control board and software into each module zone, thanks to this Itoh Denki’s proprietary technology of Autonomic Decentralized Control, each module/zone becomes fully modular. idPAC is the optimal solution for those who want to; save money by reducing installation and commissioning time,...

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ITOH DENKI logistics solutions A complete and modular range that adapts to your specific needs. 3 KEY COMPONENTS MOTORIZED ROLLER AND CIRCUIT BOARD With external circuit board With internal circuit board With ZPA Network controller Compatible with Module ASI - BUS With high starting torque With mechanical brake 50 mm With high starting torque With mechanical brake No pneumatics needed, 24v MDR controls all lifting & transfer operations. Fits into existing motor roller conveyor frames. Multi angle diverter Ability to move product in 4 different directions for high capacity, smooth transfers...

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ITOH DENKI worldwide UK Branch office Suite 1 Trinity Space Centre Waldorf Way, Wakefield WF2 8DH United Kingdom German Branch office Postfach 10 05 43 66005 Saarbrücken Germany TECHNICAL CENTER ITOH DENKI EUROPE S.A.S. 490 avenue des Jourdies P.A.E les Jourdies 74800 St Pierre en Faucigny France Netherlands Branch office Limmerick 3 1046AR Amsterdam Netherlands ITOH DENKI CO., LTD 1146-2 Asazuma-Cho Kasai Hyogo 679-0180 Japan ITOH DENKI USA, INC 21 Great Valley Blvd, Hanover Crossings Business Park, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18706-5332 U.S.A Room 1812, No. 689, Guangdong Road,...

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