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ANGLE TRANFER This transfer module, which uses 24 V DC Brushless Motorized Roller technology, is very compact and its «cassette» structure is easy to integrate into both new and reconditioned conveyors. It can be moved on your conveyor lines for order picking, distribution or on assembly lines to adapt to your logistical changes. transfer direction Motorized roller for raise up Motorized roller for belt direction POWER MOLLER

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a dvanTages Transfer wiThouT changing level Belts Roller Transfer level Lowering rollers Raising rollers Lowering belts Transfert without changing level optimizes the transfer time and therefore increase productivity. MulTidirecTionnal Transfer and high capaciTy The three brushless motorized rollers are compact and powerful. They garantee great performance without maintenance. F-RAT works only with24VDC. Only one motor is activated at once, it needs only 50W fot nominal speed. F-RAT operates without pneumatic or oil, allowing a clean and quieter environment. The F-RAT is a compact system...

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s TrucTures xand diMensions Taille A ... L:379mm l:758mm (Distance between the mounting holes) 734 (Distance between the mounting holes) 4-M8 screw mounting hole Taille B ... L:497mm x l:758mm Dimensions package Integrated circuit board Speed code (m/min) (Distance between the mounting holes) Transfer rollers * Distance between the conveyance level and the module’s support bracket (Distance between the mounting holes) Maximum weight to be 758 conveyed(kg) There are 2 Types of f-raT conTrol 4-M8 screw mounting hole The circuit boards are integrated in the motorized rollers, which are managed...

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Buffer management renovation / modification free flow R efeRences ORDERS PREPARATION c ontAct ITOH DENKI EUROPE S.A.S. GERMAN BRANCH OFFICE 490 Av. des Jourdies Z.A.E. les Jourdies 74800 St Pierre en Faucigny - France Tél. : +33 (0)4 50 03 09 99 Fax : +33 (0)4 50 03 07 60 E-mail : info@itoh-denki.com

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