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New Products 2017/ I

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Systematic innovation. New Products 2017/ I

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Experience innovation – new item products for 2017/ I. 4 MB Building Kit System More control! Forklift Pocket 8 St 240x90x40 ensures that trolleys, large load carriers and frames stay safely mounted on the forks of forklift trucks. The Forklift Pocket also protects the profile frame from damage. More load-carrying capacity! The new Profiles 8 light combine a low dead weight with exceptional resistance moment. Their shape makes them ideal for accommodating overlying loads. More mobility! Jacking Castor D80 antistatic, with Foot Pedal is a strong castor and height-adjustable knuckle foot in...

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22 Work Bench System More organisation! These additions to the item hook and holder system offer even more efficient ways to organise your tools and equipment. The new Container Holder 8 holds inherently stable containers safely in place. Single Hooks 8 and Double hook 8 are ideal for hanging up tools with corresponding eyes and items of clothing. More light! State-of-the-art LED technology and maximum safety are the hallmarks of the item Spotlights 6W LED. The housing is dust-tight to IP 65 and protected against jets of water from all directions. The Spotlights are very bright, with a...

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Factory equipment engineering - with the MB Building Kit System. Profiles 8 light Forklift Pocket 8 St 260x90x40 Stacking Guide 8 St 120x80-30° Jacking Castors D80 with Foot Pedal Keys 2.5 A/F Slide Strip 8 with Side Guide H24 ESD Polyethylene panels Lightweight Boards

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Lightweight profile with high load-carrying capacityLow profile deflection under high load Profiles 8 light This is how strong a lightweight beam can be! When you need low profile deflection and a low dead weight, Profile 8 240x40 8N180 light and Profile 8 160x40 4N180 light really come into their own thanks to their high area moment of inertia. Like an I-beam in steel construction techniques, this profile is ideal for accommodating overlying loads. The lightweight engineering profiles feature two unbroken aluminium webs. Both ends of the profile are formed from Line 8 profiles, each with...

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Guidance for forklift forks Safe transport with forklifts Forklift Pocket 8 St 260x90x40 Lift and move – the risk-free way! Forklift Pocket 8 St 260x90x40 helps you move trolleys and containers safely with forklift trucks. The Forklift Pocket acts as a guide for the forks during loading and unloading operations and stops goods slipping or tipping to the side. The item Forklift Pocket, which is made of robust sheet steel, fully encompasses forks and thus also stops the profile frame from getting damaged. Trolleys and boxes stay in place on the forks when driving around corners or over...

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Precision landing. W Creates stacking constructions W Supports accurate set-down Stacking Guide 8 St 120x80-30° Always fits! Stacking Guide 8 St 120x80-30° ensures trolleys and boxes are always correctly positioned when stacked. Thanks to the robust centring aid, the next frame in the stack slides into the correct position when set down. This makes it much easier to stack frames, since positioning errors are balanced out. Stacking Guide 8 St 120x80-30° can be retrofitted to profiles with a Line 8 groove. It is screwed into place on the outer ends of each profile. Sheet material, St, bright...

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Protection against static charging Jacking Castors D80 with Foot Pedal Put your foot down and get going! The item Jacking Castor D80 antistatic, with Foot Pedal combines a castor with a height-adjustable, non-slip knuckle foot. The foot pedal is used to lower or raise the castor without having to bend down. This means that mobile work benches or racks can be easily lifted out of their position and pushed to their next place of use. Jacking Castors D80 come with an integrated connecting plate (140 x 110 mm) that is fixed in place with four screws. The design with the protruding screw is...

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Jacking Castor D80 can still rotate around its vertical axle when the knuckle foot is down, so that the foot pedal can be moved out of the way. Jacking Castor D80 antistatic, with Foot Pedal Casing, St, bright zinc-plated Wheel axle with ball bearing Dust shield Wheel body PA; tyre, TPU, 94 Sh A, grey Knuckle Foot, St, bright zinc-plated; foot plate, TPU, 80 Sh A, black Load carrying capacity 100 kg/castor m = 1.5 kg 1 pce. Jacking Castor D80 140x110 antistatic, with Foot Pedal Casing, St, bright zinc-plated Wheel axle with ball bearing Dust shield Wheel body PA; tyre, TPU, 94 Sh A, grey...

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Hand and muscle-friendly grip Keys 2.5 A/F A firm hold at any angle! item Ball-Headed Keys are particularly suitable for screws that are difficult to reach (angles of inclination up to 25°). Keys with T-Handle are suitable for the maximum tightening torques of the various screws. The keys are made of high-grade chrome-vanadium steel, matt-chrome plated. The ergonomic plastic handles have an elastic coating of TPE.

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Wrench, chrome vanadium steel, matt chrome-plated Plastic grip, TPE m = 31.0 g 1 pce. Wrench, chrome vanadium steel, matt chrome-plated Plastic grip, TPE m = 28.0 g 1 pce.

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Slide Strip 8 with Side Guide H24 ESD Keep things running properly! Slide Strip 8 with Side Guide H24 ESD transforms a Line 8 profile into a conveyor line. The Slide Strip simply clips into the Line 8 groove. Made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, the low-friction plastic track makes it easy for users to move crates and workpiece carriers from A to B. The 20 mm high side guide keeps small load carriers on track. Electrostatic charges are safely dissipated. Screw-attached Slide Strip Wedge 8 (0.0.422.04) creates a gentle transition between the profile and the Slide Strip and...

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W ESD-safe version also available W Strong and easy to machine UHMW Polyethylene Panel Lightweight, strong and low-friction – ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene is a material with astounding properties. The shiny black panels made of high-quality polyethylene are ideal as cleanroom-compatible cladding, low-friction table tops for benches, and base layers for conveying systems. Thanks to its low coefficient of sliding friction, the panels can reduce the drive energy needed on conveyor lines. The material has long-lasting self-lubricating properties. It is impact-resistant and stable...

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