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The Lean Production Building Kit System

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The Lean Production Building Kit System. 3 Comprehensive Catalogue GOOD DESIGN

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Build what lean production needs – the simple way.

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Factory equipment This is what lean production looks like! Aluminium profiles and fasteners D30 can be assembled directly on site to build sturdy racks and factory equipment in next to no time. All connections are stable as soon as they are tightened, but can always be modified to accommodate subsequent changes in working processes. Whether racks for material supply or custom-designed work benches – there’s no simpler solution. This is how to keep goods moving! Intralogistics solutions benefit from heavy-duty castors and a combination of aluminium tubes and die-cast aluminium fasteners....

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Fasteners D30 Fasteners D30 for angled connections Butt Fasteners D30 Adapters Fastening elements Fastening elements for panels    59 Universal fastening elements    58 Fastening elements for labels    69 Floor elements

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Material flow Roller conveyor overview Low-cost automation – the mechanical solution Plain Bearing Release Unit Locking Ring Technical data Profiles and Accessories Mounting Dimensions

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Profiles and accessories. Easy to install and boasting long-term reliability in use the tubes and profiles of the Lean Production Building Kit System are made of lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminium. The optimised design of Profile Tube System D30 delivers a high load-carrying capacity while the ability to reuse and augment parts ensures outstanding cost efficiency. There are also profiles for special applications with equally special features such as heavy-duty profiles with increased bending strength, an electrically insulating plastic tube made of 70 percent wood and an...

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item Profiles and accessories: Products in this section. Profile Tube D30, powder-coated ■ Available in seven different colours Profile D40/D30 ■ Increased diameter ■ For LCA/Karakuri applications Profile Tube D30 ■ Profile contour supports mechanically locked connections ■ Optimum connection options a 8 Profile Tube D30 heavy duty ■ Reinforced wall for even more stability ■ High load-carrying capacity and bending strength a 11 Profile Tube 8 D30 ■ Profile Tube with Line 8 groove ■ Easy to connect components from the MB and Work Bench Systems 8 14 Profile 6 D30 ■ Up to four full Line...

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Tube D30 Profile Tube D30 ■ Light, ■ Two torsion resistant and easy to machine■ universal basic struts■ Optimised for lean production! The Lean Production Building Kit System offers a range of specialised, mutually compatible tubes for building constructions in your production plant. Tube D30 and Profile Tube D30 form the basis for all applications. Profile Tube 8 D30 features a Line 8 groove and a D30 profile contour. Profile 6 D30 has four Line 6 profile grooves. Profile Tube D40/D30 uses a Tube D30 as an axle to produce moving constructions for low-cost automation applications. Profile...

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item Permissible loads for constructions built using Tube D30, Profile Tube D30 and all variants of Profiles 6 D30. Profile Tube D30 Al, powder-coated A [cm2]    m [kg/m]    Ix [cm4]    Iy [cm4]    It [cm4] red similar to RAL 3020, cut-off max. 6000 mm red similar to RAL 3020, 1 pce., length 6000 mm yellow similar to RAL 1021, cut-off max. 6000 mm yellow similar to RAL 1021, 1 pce., length 6000 mm green similar to RAL 6024, cut-off max. 6000 mm green similar to RAL 6024, 1 pce., length 6000 mm blue similar to RAL 5017, cut-off max. 6000 mm blue similar to RAL 5017, 1 pce., length 6000...

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Profile Tube D30 ESD Al, powder-coated 1.97 0.53 1.71 1.71 2.44 black similar to RAL 9005, cut-off max. 6000 mm black similar to RAL 9005, 1 pce., length 6000 mm PA-GF m = 4.6 g grey similar to RAL 7042, 1 pce. Cap, Tube D30 ESD PA-GF m = 4.6 g black similar to RAL 9005, 1 pce. Anti-Torsion Blocks 6 D30 ■ Fixes the orientation of Profile Tubes■ firm hold without any screws Using the Anti-Torsion Blocks makes it even easier to combine the Fastener with Profile Tubes D30 and Profiles 6 D30. They ensure the Profiles are correctly aligned in the Fastener, making it easy to avoid assembly...

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Profile Tube D30 heavy duty ■ High resistance against profile deflection■ solution for added rigidity■ Threaded Inserts can be used Exceptionally stable construction. Profile Tube D30 heavy duty is used in applications with tough requirements. Low profile deflection and increased buckling resistance – that is when this profile really comes into its own. The reinforced wall of the Profile Tube is ideal for accommodating high-strength Threaded Inserts, thus also enabling users to create direct screw attachments. On the outside, however, it looks no different from its conventional counterpart...

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Cap, Profile Tube D30 heavy duty 16 Cap, Profile Tube D30 heavy duty ESD PA-GF m = 3.0 g black, 1 pce.

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Profile Tube D40/D30 ■■ Increased ■■ For mechanical automation Profile Tube D40/D30 is used as a bearing component in combination with Plain Bearing Sleeve D40/D30. It is slid over a Tube or Profile Tube D30. Thanks to the external profile structure, it can be connected to any D30 component using Fasteners, despite its larger diameter. Cap, Profile Tube D40/D30 seals an open end on a Profile Tube D40/D30 (0.0.666.63). It safely covers over sharp outer edges and stops dust getting into the profile. The Cap is available in grey and in a black, ESD-safe version. Profile Tube D40/D30 Al,...

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Double the connectivity - Profile Tube D30 with an integrated Line 8 groove. The special geometry supports the connection of Fasteners D30 on three sides. A Line 8 groove is open to enable connection of components from the MB Building Kit System and the item Work Bench System. Profile Tube 8 D30 thus saves on installation space and storage costs because components in the MB Building Kit System and Work Bench System can be fastened to it without the need for an adapter. That makes it easier than ever to utilise accessories from all three building kit systems in a single frame. Among other...

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