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The Lean Production Building Kit System - profile tube system D30

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The Lean Production Building Kit System – profile tube system D30. 2.1 Comprehensive Catalogue

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LP Building Kit System – the D30 profile tube system. D30 is the aluminium profile tube system of the LP Building Kit System, which has been developed for the growing requirements associated with lean production. Time and again, workers in production environments are faced with a tricky question: “Do we change it quickly, or do it properly?” There are good reasons for both. But why should speed and quality necessarily be incompatible? D30 in the real world – more and more companies are turning to solutions from item to boost efficiency and flexibility.

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The D30 profile tube system uses just one type of fastener for all standard 90° connections. This universal fastener is much easier to reuse, reduces stock levels and saves time. The aluminium profiles of the D30 profile tube system are inherently electrostatically dissipative (ESD-safe) and therefore protect sensitive parts by preventing harmful static discharges. Because the robust D30 profiles are not sheathed in plastic, they are not prone to static charging caused by friction. One-person assembly. Every fastener in the D30 profile tube system holds independently, which means that one...

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Profiles and accessories. Tube D30 Cover Profile, Profile Tube D30 Tube Protector D30 Fixing Clip Profile 6 D30 Profile Tube D30 heavy duty Ball Joint Fastener D30 Ball Joint Fastener 8 D30 Table-Top Side Fastening Bracket D30 Fastening elements. Threaded Inserts D30 Threaded Insert, Profile Tube D30 heavy duty M12 Panel-Fixing Profile D30 3-5 mm Table-Top Fastening Set D30 Table-Top Fastening Bracket D30 Hook and Holder Adapter D30

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Material flow. Roller Conveyor St D30 Roller Conveyor St D30 with Steel Tyres Roller Conveyor St, Butt Fastener Roller Conveyor St D30 Brake Roller Conveyor St Fastening Brackets D30 with Stop Roller Conveyor St, Fastening Bracket D30 with Forward Stop H43 Roller Conveyor St Stop H43 Roller Conveyor St, Fastening Brackets D30 Roller Conveyor St, Support D30 Roller Conveyor St Guide Rails Roller Conveyor St Fastening Bracket Adapter Sleeve D30 Roller Conveyors 6 40x40 E D30 NEW 81 Castor Rail 6 40x40 E Castor D30-23 with Flanged Wheel NEW 85 Axle D4x29 Roller Conveyor 6 40x40 E D30/2 Brake...

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Profiles and accessories. Speed and versatility in installation and long-term reliability in use – these are the key features of the Profiles D30. As a result, they are the ideal system for putting your continuous improvement processes into action. The lean production system uses tubes, profiles and fastening elements made from lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminium. Their optimised design delivers a high load-carrying capacity and because they can be reused and augmented they are extremely cost efficient. Profiles D30 are available in the form of smooth Tubes or Profile Tubes with...

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Tube D30 Profile Tube D30 Profile 6 D30 The tubes and profiles in Line D30 have one thing in common – their basic diameter of 30 mm makes solutions incredibly rigid. It also corresponds to the modular dimension of item Profile 6, producing a whole range of opportunities for combination. Universal and flexible – Tube D30 and Profile Tube D30 form the basic structure of designs. Simply cut them to length and connect them together with the fastening elements. The advantage of Profile Tube D30 is accurate orientation in four directions. That makes the job of connecting tubes even easier and...

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Tube designs now in glorious colour! Profile Tubes D30 in seven different colours offer a quick and eye-catching means of marking out different areas, parts, sites and qualities. The silk-matt powder-coating is durable and abrasion resistant and has no detrimental effects for fastening elements. Profile Tubes coated in black are ESD-safe. This ensures that personnel can immediately tell where sensitive parts are safe. Caps for the ends of Profiles and Tubes are available in two variants – elegant grey and a black, electrostatically dissipative version. This makes it easy to identify the...

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natural, 1 pce., length 6000 mm Profile Tube D30 Al, anodized yellow similar to RAL 1021, cut-off max. 6000 mm yellow similar to RAL 1021, 1 pce., length 6000 mm green similar to RAL 6024, cut-off max. 6000 mm green similar to RAL 6024, 1 pce., length 6000 mm blue similar to RAL 5017, cut-off max. 6000 mm blue similar to RAL 5017, 1 pce., length 6000 mm grey similar to RAL 7042, cut-off max. 6000 mm grey similar to RAL 7042, 1 pce., length 6000 mm white similar to RAL 9016, cut-off max. 6000 mm white similar to RAL 9016, 1 pce., length 6000 mm 1.97 0.53 1.71 1.71 2.44 black similar to RAL...

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Profile Tube D30 heavy duty Built to last – Profile Tube D30 heavy duty is used in applications with tough requirements. Low profile deflection and increased buckling resistance – that is when this profile really comes into its own. Threaded bores can be introduced into the reinforced wall of the Profile Tube, which enables users to create direct screw attachments. On the outside, however, it looks no different from its conventional counterpart and has the same contour as Profile Tube D30. As a result, all the normal connection and fastening principles in Line D30 apply in full and all...

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Renewable plastic. 70 percent wood content Innovative material The alternative for all tube constructions that need to be electrically non-conductive and allow electromagnetic waves to pass through. Stable, weatherproof and made predominantly of renewable raw materials (> 70 percent wood), this innovative composite material is also suitable for users who need tubes that are easy to process and versatile. The wall thickness of 11.6 mm also means that panel elements can be screwed directly to the tube wall using wood screws. Fastener D30 and a Tube Adapter D30 are used to create connections...

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Cover Profile, Profile Tube D30 A neat solution. Cover Profile, Profile Tube D30 keeps dirt out of the channel on a Profile Tube D30. Simply press it into place to create a closed, easy-to-clean surface. Thanks to the Cover Profile, users can get the best of both worlds – the advantages of both Tube D30 and Profile Tube D30. Cover Profile, Profile Tube D30 PE-HD m = 13.0 g grey similar to RAL 7042, 1 pce., length 2000 mm

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