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The item Work Bench System

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The item Work Bench System. Comprehensive Catalogue 3 Work Bench System

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The award-winning Work Bench System from item.

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Work benches Basic models for various tasks can be configured and adapted to suit specific requirements. Work bench accessories Functional add-on elements for an organised and efficient working environment. Chairs Ergonomic sitting is healthier and boosts concentration. Power/data supply Versatile and simple features for integrating electricity supplies, data links and compressed air feeds. Lighting The right light makes work productive, glare-free and relaxed. Information provision Everything at a glance with a huge range of aids to present important information quickly and concisely....

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Work benches Work bench accessories Power and data supply Multi-Socket Power Strips and Distribution Strips    51 Cable Guide Profile 8    59 LED Machine Light Fittings    78 Information provision Mounts for monitors, PCs and keyboards Whiteboard and accessories Document holders Label Holders

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ESD-safe accessories ESD Table Mat Tool handling Hooks and Holders Tool Balancers Material supply Trays Supply Profile Grab Containers & Parts Containers Pivot Arms Container Profile Work bench interlinking Castor Rail Castor Rail Inserts Railing Support Transfer Gate Service Useful complementary elements from the item building kit systems Alphabetical register

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Ergonomics – the perfect measure of things. At item, we don’t see ergonomics at the work bench as an end in itself, but rather as the basis for sustainable high productivity and motivation. A working environment that has been designed according to ergonomic criteria delivers a whole range of benefits: It protects the physical health of personnel and their capacity to work It reduces error rates by enabling fatigue-free working practices It increases productivity by shortening routes and optimising movement sequences It improves the atmosphere and morale in the workplace by ensuring staff...

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Height-adjustment mechanisms look after the health of staff and boost efficiency levels item work benches make it easy for users to change their working posture, even in industrial production scenarios. ■ Simple adjustment systems compensate for the varying physical characteristics of users, such as height, age and mobility ■ Regularly changing between standing and sitting noticeably relieves strain on the spinal column and promotes stable circulation ■ An electric height-adjustment system that operates at an appropriate speed ensures acceptance and user safety ■ The option of storing...

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Award-winning design and exemplary quality. The item Work Bench System has won numerous awards for exemplary design and end-to-end ergonomics. From the practical Hook and Holder System for tools to the ingenious work bench lights – the harmonious fusion of form and function have won the highest recognition. However, the real test is not international design competitions, but day-to-day work in production scenarios. For item, good design is about more than just looks. In an industrial environment, what really counts is Reliability and sustainability Compatibility and variability...

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WORK BENCHES Work benches. A state-of-the-art work bench is more than just a work surface on legs. It is the heart of an industrial workplace. When you choose your bench, you are laying the foundations for all processes, both current and future. Work benches from item feature three main criteria – extendibility, durability and height adjustment. Due to the wide range of table variants, there is a model to suit every task. Thanks to modular design and the option of extending benches with Uprights and Overhangs, each and every work bench can be configured to suit specific requirements and...

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WORK BENCHES Table Frame E ■ The bench for every situation, with electric height-adjustment system ■ Two sturdy table legs for maximum legroom 0 12 Table Frame 4 E ■ Four sturdy table legs for maximum load-carrying capacity ■ Electric height adjustment as standard 0 13 Table Frame 4 E FIFO ■ Perfect material supply thanks to integrated FIFO rack ■ Electric height adjustment system for working surface 0 14 Table Frame F ■ Stepless, manual height adjustment ■ Four sturdy table legs for maximum load-carrying capacity 0 15 ■ Stepless, manual height adjustment ■ Two sturdy table legs for legroom...

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WORK BENCHES The Work Bench Product Congurator: The direct route to the perfect work bench. Fast and simple – configuring work benches online Wading through catalogues, drawing up sketches, making calculations – not any more! Use the item Work Bench Product Configurator to create customised solutions in record time. This online tool encompasses all components and makes sure everything fits together as required. Your benefits: Time-saving configuration: Select all components in easy-to-follow steps direct in your browser Perfect depiction: Configurations are depicted in a 3D view so they can...

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item work bench E - ideal for operational workstations in production, maintenance and customer service.The electric height-adjustment system on the bench - which is easy to operate and includes a memory function - ensures the working height can be adjusted flexibly to suit user requirements.With two table columns at the rear of the table and the working surface positioned on profiled steel supports, this design offers users extremely generous legroom. The working surface can accommodate loads of up to 2000 N. Work bench E is available in various standard and custom sizes. The working...

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WORK BENCHES Work bench 4 E ■ Electrical height adjustment item work bench 4 E – for work benches that have to exhibit exceptional stability and load-carrying capacity. In addition to an easy-to-use electric height-adjustment system, one of the key advantages of work bench 4 E is its exceptional load-carrying capacity of up to 4000 N. The table top is supported by four columns. This design has been specially developed to accommodate/support heavy workpieces and tools. Work bench 4 E is available in three standard widths and two standard depths. All the accessories in the item Work Bench...

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