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The item Automation System

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A head-start in automation. The item Automation System Comprehensive Catalogue

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item linear motion units® – perfect teamwork. Synchroniser Shaft Cover Set Synchroniser Shaft Drive Set Conduit elements for covering Synchroniser Shafts Linear Units Gearbox Motor

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The technology: Really complete! The item linear motion unit® is the all-in-one turnkey solution for your automation needs. Intelligent software also speeds up configuration and commissioning processes. An ecosystem of various Linear Units, Motors and Controllers produces a customised automation solution that is tailored to your requirements. An item linear motion unit® is a made-to-measure combination of: Linear Unit: 26 systems with various drive and guide technologies, optimised for speed, payload, precision and stroke length. The Software: Really intelligent! item MotionDesigner® is...

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item linear motion units® – perfectly coordinated automation. The item linear motion units® are the all-in-one turnkey solution for linear technology. They comprise 26 ready-to-install Linear Units with a range of guidance and drive technologies and are supplied complete with drive elements, Motors, Controllers, carriages and accessories. They are also supported by intuitive software for configuring and commissioning the ideal solution. Select, install and go – automation really can be that easy.

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An automation project starts with a transport task, whether positioning a sensor, guiding a tool or moving a load. It is important to be clear about the requirements and know what kind of load needs to be moved at what speed in how much time. The system components are then selected on that basis. This often requires input from a specialist in linear or control technology and, what’s more, reading through datasheets and configuring the individual components takes up a great deal of time. Conventional configurators query technical parameters (operating load, stroke, speed) and pick out the...

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item linear motion units ‒ make sure it all runs smoothly.

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Really simple! Really smart! Welcome to the future! The concept behind the new item linear motion units® is revolutionising the way that automation solutions are planned, built and commissioned. Each step slides perfectly into place with the next to make sure you get your ready-to-use turnkey system in record time. A typical Linear Unit is made up of 30 separate parts. Thanks to the innovative selection and configuration tool, item MotionDesigner®, you can concentrate on your transport task instead of on the technology behind it. Intelligent software translates your transport task into an...

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Linear Units Linear Units with a timing-belt drive Linear Units with a ball screw drive Linear Units with a chain drive Linear Units with a rack drive Drive elements Plug ’n’ play Drive Sets Universal Drive Sets Synchronising Sets Tubes for Synchronising Sets Synchronising Shaft Profiles Accessories for Synchronising Shaft Profiles Synchroniser Shaft Cover Sets Gearboxes Axial Planetary Gearboxes Bevel Planetary Gearboxes

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Fieldbus interfaces Shield Terminal Block D14 Accessories Carriage Plates KLE Proximity Switch Track Oil / Oil Can for Linear Guides Technical data Linear Units

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Ready-to-install Linear Units from item – selecting the perfect solution. The item Automation System offers 26 ready-to-install Linear Units for a wide range of applications. Which technology is most suitable will depend on what you want to use it for. To help you track down your ideal solution faster, we’ve defined four search criteria that we feel are most relevant to the basic requirements in industry – payload, speed, repeatability and maximum travel distance. Our visual selection guide shows at a glance which of our Linear Units meet which requirements – and to what extent. If you are...

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Timing-belt drive Linear Unit GSF 8 40 R10 Linear Units KLE quiet, compact and low-maintenance sliding guidance roller guide timing belt runs inside torsion-resistant profile roller guide for optimum force transfer Ball Screw Unit with strong drive precise positioning rigid drive with a high drive force coupled with a heavy payload rigid drive 50

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on the slide can be easily switched strong all-rounder payloads up to 530 kg Linear Unit for heavy loads Chain drive drive ensures consistently high power transmission in heavily contaminated environments 54 Rack drive

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Payload How much weight a slide can carry depends primarily on its guide, i.e. the load-carrying capacity of the roller elements, shafts, linear guide units, etc. If a heavy payload is to be moved over a long distance, the design must be configured for the load, as should the cross-section of the support profile. The item Automation System therefore offers a wide selection of optimised Linear Units. Whether compact solutions for moving lightweight sliding doors, or solid designs for carrying heavy workpieces – item always has the right solution for your needs. Speed When speed and long...

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Linear Units from item. A Linear Unit is a combination of a linear guide and a corresponding drive element. item linear guides are designed for linear, low-friction movement and positioning tasks. Depending on requirements, you can choose your drive element from a range of technologies with different performance features. The Automation System from item comprises 26 ready-to-install Linear Units that feature linear guides and drive element technology that have been carefully coordinated for the relevant application. These Linear Units can be operated separately or – as shown in the drawing...

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Nomenclature guide for Linear Units jl GSF variant - T-slot slider with timing-belt drive Linear Unit    Guide technology    Line    Support profile Timing-belt type Linear Unit Linear Unit    Designation    Line    Support profile Guide technology Linear Unit KLE = Compact Linear Unit KRF variant - Criss-crossed roller guide with timing-belt drive Linear Unit Guide tech-    Line Support profile Drive    Drive side nology    cross-section Linear Unit KRF = Criss-crossed roller guide    ZR = Timing belt LRE variant - External roller guide with various drives Linear Unit Guide Line Guiding...

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