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The ergonomic work bench system 2.2

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The ergonomic work bench system. Comprehensive Catalogue

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The item Work Bench System: Outstanding ergonomics Speed, adaptability and reliability are crucial focal points in state-of-the-art production. The item Work Bench System makes it easy to ensure industrial solutions satisfy cost efficiency requirements. However, ergonomics is another important factor. Numerous studies have shown that ergonomically designed work benches boost employee productivity, firstly by helping to eliminate unnecessary and even harmful movements and, secondly, because relaxed personnel make fewer mistakes. Ergonomic design actively contributes to the efficiency of your...

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Outstanding ergonomics The height-adjustable work bench – ideal for users of all sizes. Giving personnel the opportunity to alternate their working position and posture promotes health and wellbeing in the workplace. And ergonomic and height-adjustable work benches are essential in assembly and shift operations, when operators come and go on a frequent basis. The right Chair for ergonomic seating. A correct seating posture means better work. Back pain, particularly in the case of seated activities, is among the most common complaints and causes of illness-related downtime. Ergonomically...

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Compound Slide Overhang Work bench TRIGO F Compound Slide Container Support Work bench 4 E Work bench 4 E FIFO Work bench accessories Waste Bin 35l Drawer Units Mini-Locker 360x240x240 Chairs Chairs Foot Rest Media supply Distribution Strip Multi-Socket Power Strips, 5 outlet Cable Guide Profile 8 40x16 New 59 Multi-Socket Power Strips, 8 outlet, 19″, with conventional power cord Modular Cable Duct Lighting Light Fitting 36W LED Machine Light Fittings LED Machine Light Fitting and New 73 LED Light Fitting accessories Lamp 35W 75 LED Illuminated Magnifier Information provision Compound...

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Product overview ESD-safe accessories ESD Table Mat DK10 ESD Earthing Plug, 3 x DK10 ESD Earthing Terminal, 3 x DK10 ESD Connection Cable DK10, coiled 99 ESD Spiral Connection Cable New 99 Tool handling Hooks Holder Support D70 / Holder New 115 Console D70 New 117 Magnetic Holder D70 Bottle Holder 8 Insert Label Backplate, Hook and Holder System Slide Stop 8 Tool Balancer Spiral Hose for Tool Balancers New 123 2x10 mm Tool Holder 8 Material provisioning Pivot Arms Pivot Arm Height Adjusters 8 New 133 Container Profile Pivot Arm, preconfigured models Frame Profile 8 40x20 Parts Containers...

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The optimum space for exceptional work. The item work bench system – work benches for assembly, maintenance, repair and testing systems item has been designing customised working environments and work benches since it first developed the MB Building Kit System 30 years ago. This extensive know-how has resulted in a wide-ranging standard portfolio for work benches. The benefits – the new work bench system is fully compatible with the MB Building Kit System. When it comes to equipping your work bench, you have our full range at your disposal – including elements for integrating work benches...

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Key features of the item work bench system Ergonomic and cost-effective – every table is height adjustable, with electrical height adjustment available as an option. Modular design – configure your own customised work bench in next to no time from a range of possible variants. item work benches are based on the MB Building Kit System. As a result, they are exceptionally flexible when it comes to integrating them into production processes and retrofitting solutions. The right solution for all your needs – the diversity of the item work bench system item brings you innovative solutions for:...

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Ergonomics – the perfect measure of things. At item, we don’t see ergonomics at the work bench as an end in itself, but rather as the basis for sustainable high productivity and motivation. A working environment that has been designed according to ergonomic principles delivers a whole range of benefits:         It protects the physical health of personnel and their capacity to work It reduces error rates by enabling fatigue-free working practices It lowers costs by eliminating unnecessary and uncomfortable movements It increases throughput by reducing cycle times  Work bench systems from...

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Optimised handling area Everyone’s reach is different. Even small variations can make the difference between an impractical, uncomfortable environment and a work bench that makes the best possible use of the handling area. Thanks to Uprights that can be fitted with the accessories and equipment of choice and Overhangs and Pivot Arms that offer a whole range of adjustment options, item work bench systems support fatigue-free working practices. An ingenious range of accessories enable you to design work benches that are tailored to your precise needs.  Simple transport Production processes...

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ESD stands for Electrostatic Discharge and describes the processes and effects involved in the equalisation of electrical charges between two unevenly charged materials. Even just coming into close proximity with each other can cause these materials to produce an electrostatic discharge. Each year in industry, electrostatic discharges cause damage that runs into the millions. As technological advances in microelectronics continue to gather pace, semiconductor components are becoming increasingly complex. As a result, measuring devices, production equipment and, of course, electronic...

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ESD-safe equipment from item – protection you can rely on item offers the right ESD protection for every aspect of your working environment. We believe that protection against electrostatic discharge begins with the work bench concept itself. Our range of electrostatically dissipative HPL working surfaces protects the entire table top area. ESD Table Mats make large areas of the working surface ESD-safe. ESD Wristbands help to integrate operators into the ESD circuit. Thorough testing processes ensure you can rely on ESD-safe designs – developed to your specifications and certified.

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