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Buildings Installations

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Buildings Installations Residual Current Circuit Breakers with Overcurrent Protection Energy Saving Hour Metres Energy Meters Monitoring Relays Time Relays

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Buildings Installations Surge Protection Devices (for Low Voltage Power Supply Systems, Photovoltaic and Wind Turbine Systems) Miniature Circuit Breakers - 10 kA up to 63 A Switch Disconnectors Miniature Circuit Breakers - 6 kA up to 63 A Residual Current Circuit Breakers AC, A, G, S, F, B-Type Surge Protection Devices Miniature Circuit Breakers - 1P+N up to 32 A

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Product line - 5

Industry Installations Surge Protection Devices Mini Contactors up to 7.5 kW Motor Contactors Thermal Overload Relays Miniature Circuit Breakers up to 125 A Moulded Case Circuit Breakers from 16 to 1250 A Motor Protection Switches Motor Starters

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Product line - 6

Low Voltage Switchgear BISTABLE SWITCHES Bistable switches are mainly used for switching of lighting. They are also becoming an alternative to installation relays and contactors. At remote switching of lighting, a parallel connection of push- buttons is used. In this way, a number of conductors is smaller than in case of connection with cross-point and reversing switches. Owing to pulse control of a bistable switch, continuous control current does not flow through the switch coil, which results in a considerable saving of electric energy. MINIATURE CIRCUIT BREAKERS, RESIDUAL CURRENT CIRCUIT...

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Product line - 7

Low Voltage Switchgear INSTALLATION CONTACTORS Installation contactors are applied for automatic control of electric devices in installations of dwellings, offices, shops and hospitals. They are particularly suitable for switching, lighting, heat pumps, air-conditioning and similar equipment, and are also intended for switching single-phase and three-phase electric motors. They excel in silent operation.Sealing of a contactor cover is also possible. An auxiliary switch with two contacts can be attached. OVERVOLTAGE PROTECTION We offer different devices for internal mounting for the...

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Product line - 8

Low Voltage Switchgear MINI CONTACTORS, CONTROL and MOTOR CONTACTORS, CAPACITOR DUTY CONTACTORS Our product lines include all kinds of contactors from 2.2 kW up to 335 kW. They can be controlled by different control voltages from 12 V up to 600 V. The accessories include many different kinds of auxiliary contacts, mechanical interlocks, RC suppressors, thermal overload relays and equipment for assembling. Capacitor duty contactors are used for switching capacitor banks from 12.5 kvar up to 60 kvar. STAR-DELTA MOTOR STARTERS, REVERSING STARTERS, DIRECT ON-LINE STARTERS, COMBINATION STARTERS...

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Product line - 9

Energy Products Control Software for monitoring and analyzing of energy consumption in buildings Remote System Data Monitoring Data Collector Measuring Transducers Portable Network Analyzer Medium Voltage Surge Arresters Medium Voltage Measuring Centres LV Automatic Capacitor Bank LV Power Capacitors MV Filter Power Factor Correction System MV Power Capacitors

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Product line - 10

Electrical Measuring Instruments MEASURING CENTRES and ANALYZERS The measuring centres and analyzers are intended for monitoring and measuring electrical quantities. They are provided with up to 32 program adjustable alarms, up to four inputs or outputs and communication. MC 760 Network Analyzer is used for permanent analysis of electric voltage quality in compliance with the SIST EN 50160 standard. MC 774 is IEC61000-4-30 Class A certified Power Quality Analyser. The instrument is an indispensable part of monitoring in a distribution network and industry, and is suitable for detection of...

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Product line - 11

Electrical Measuring Instruments ACTIVE or REACTIVE POWERS METERS Power meters are electronic meters intended for measuring active or reactive power in single-phase or three-phase networks, with balanced or unbalanced load. The accuracy class is 1.5. The scale value depends on primary values of current and voltage. The scales are exchangeable. They can have power supply from a measuring system or separated. Power consumption of our power meters is low. SYNCHRONIZATION and FREQUENCY METERS Synchronization meters are intended for manual or semiautomatic synchronization of two electric- energy...

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Product line - 12

Electric Energy Distribution Medium Voltage MV Filter Power Factor Correction System MV Power Capacitors Reactors LV Automatic Capacitor Bank LV Power Capacitors Capacitors Duty Contactors Power Factor Regulators Fuse Systems

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Product line - 13

Power Capacitors HIGH VOLTAGE POWER CAPACITORS KLV capacitors are designed for reactive power compensation of electrical networks and industrial plants. When required voltages are higher than rated voltage of individual capacitor, units are integrated into banks by means of series connection. Fusing is provided according to national requirements. Owing to high partial discharge inception voltage, KLV capacitors are suitable for installation in networks with higher harmonics and transient voltages. Low temperature dependent capacitance change makes them particularly suitable for filter...

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Product line - 14

Capacitors for Renewable Technology Power Capacitors DC LINK and SNUBBER CAPACITORS DC LINK capacitors are useful at wind plants, solar inverter power plants, medical and industrial equipment, car electronics, etc. . SNUBBER capacitors are used in applications where high pulse loadings and high frequencies are presented. Their purpose is to eliminate voltage spikes which are caused by semiconductors or other devices. WIND PLANTS FREQUENCY INVERTERS DC/AC inverter DC/AC inverter SOLAR POWER PLANTS DC (AC)/AC (DC) inverter DC (AC)/AC (DC) inverter DC (AC)/AC (DC) inverter HYBRID VEHICLES...

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Product line - 15

Capacitors for and Device Parts System Renewable Technology RADIO INTERFERENCE SUPPRESSION COMPONENTS Due to their structure, electric devices cause radio-frequency interference that spreads into the environment. To prevent these interferences, we install special components into white goods and other electric devices. . Class X capacitors are suitable for applications where there is no danger of electrical shock in case of breakdown. . Class Y capacitors are suitable for applications where the breakdown of the capacitor can lead to a dangerous electric shock. CAPACITORS for USE in...

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