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DZ9Teleprotection Equipment Description Teleprotection system are the key factor in uninterruptible and secure provision of electrical power supply. The company Iskra is a traditional producer of teleprotection equipment providing a secure and dependable communication channel for the operation of protection systems enabling rapid and selective detection and isolations of faults in the electro-energetic system. The DZ9 device enables transmission of up to 8 independent protection commands over different digital communication channels and up to 4 independent protection commands over analog communication channel. Channel coding and adaptive command detection algorithms guarantees optimal combinations of transmission time, security and dependability in current transmission conditions. The DZ9 supports Ethernet connection to protective equipment in accordance with the IEC 61850 standard. GOOSE command interface can handle up to 8 commands. Relay type and GOOSE type command interfaces can operate in parallel in the same DZ9 device. GOOSE messages from one substation can be released via relay type command outputs in a remote substation. Users can easily adapt the DZ9 device to the control system's requirements and characteristics of the transmission media due to it's complete configurability, modularity and user-friendly design. Main features • Two DZ9 systems can be placed in one device carrier rack • Digital and analog line interfaces • GOOSE command interface for transmission of up to 8 commands according to IEC 61850 Ed.1 • Universal power supply unit covering input voltage from 42 V DC to 264 V DC and from 82 V AC to 264 V AC • Hot swappable optional auxiliary power supply module • Redundant communication channel • Multi-point command transmission • Fast command transit function • Programmable matrix of command inputs and outputs •Channel identification that prevents network switching errors • Optional signaling front panel displaying command counters and main device control signals • Synchronization with as external GPS (PPS, IRIG-B, SNTP) • Management and supervision via LAN/WAN or RS232 connection • SNMP traps with alarm and device information for serving a communication NMS Protection schemes Each command can be selectively used in one of the different protection schemes, such as blocking, permissive trip of direct trip. Any of the commands can be used for a transmission of a short or long-term status of the signals enabling users to send a status to the remote end for purposes of the tele-control or signalization. Implementation • Point-to-point connection scheme with one line unit; basic and low-price solution • Point-to-point connection scheme with two line units; redundancy of the line unit and communication path • T point connection scheme; commands transit functionality optimizes the number of DZ9 devices in teleprotection system • D point connection scheme; three-point connection which leads to optimal transmission times and a high level of redundancy Management and supervision system • PEGASUS software for management and supervision of local DZ9 device or remote DZ9 device via internal service channel • PSM software for management and supervision of GOOSE command interface • Equipment status indicated by front panel LEDs and command counters

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Line Interfaces • E1 ITU-T G.703 2.048 Mbps, 120 Ohm symmetrical, RJ-45 connector or 2 x 75 Ohm asymmetrical, BNC connectors • G.703.1 co-directional 64 kbps, 120 Ohm balanced RJ-45 connector • Direct optical link (single mode, nominal wavelenght 1310 nm, range up to 100 km), FC/PC connector • IEEE C37.94 optical connection to digital multiplexers (multimode, nominal wavelenght 850 nm), ST connector • Analog line interface (4-wire duplex transmission, 300 Hz - 3720 Hz), screw plug connector • Ethernet line interface (available in September 2017) Commands • Up to 8 independent and...

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