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Robust Structure, Concave Cutting Edge Design, Drilling at High Feed Rates = Accurate Hole Tolerance and Quality!

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High-Q Tools for Machining Intelligently 4 Faster & Much Faster 6 Quantum Leaps & Steady Progress 14 Drilling Profile Construction Beam 26 ISCAR ‘Automotive-ated’ to Provide Advanced Tooling Solutions_ 36 Advanced Vending Systems for Higher Productivity_ 55 Are Trade Shows Worth It In the Digital Age?_ 60

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ISCAR invests 6% of its annual turnover in research and development. ISCAR Marketing ISCAR Production

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HIgh-Q Tools for Machining Intelligently What is the IQ of a cutting tool? When talking about artificial intelligence, we usually mean various man-made products such as robots and software systems. Is it correct to connect IQ to cutting tools? In many ways yes it is! The cutting tool, a small item in terms of both investment and dimensions relating to a manufacturing process. Although the cutting tool plays a major role in improving productivity and enabling cost reductions; Indeed, the cost of tools are not in the same expense league as modern CNC machining centers featuring technological...

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So, when inspecting closer, this small link becomes very important. Producing a tool that answers multiple purposes is a challenging task. The solution - a tool that reflects the IQ of its creators: researchers, designers, manufacturers. Every new generation of cutting tools that makes a breakthrough in technology, or seriously contributes to reducing production costs, becomes more intellectual. At ISCAR, we learn and understand the demands of our customers. With the use of the advanced IQ, leadingedge tools and the application of ‘“Machining Intelligently!” customers are able to...

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The remarkable progress made in the area of rough milling in the 1990’s saw the introduction of fast feed (FF) and high feed milling (HFM). These highly efficient methodologies overturned established views and brought radical new ideas to the field. Rather than use the traditional high metal removal technique – milling with considerable depths and widths of cut – users of the new approach continued to machine with similar width of cuts, although they used a much smaller depth of cut and applied much faster speeds with substantially increased feed per tooth. Milling with a large axial depth...

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allows considerable increases in feeds and speeds per tooth (fz) due to the effect of chip thinning. This advantageous geometry minimizes the radial effect of the cutting force and maximizes its axial influence, resulting in forces that act towards the spindle axis, i.e. the direction of maximum machine tool rigidity. The result - improved milling stability, reduced vibrations, prolonged tool life, reduced power consumption and increased productivity. Although FF strategies began in the area of indexable milling, it soon extended to solid carbide endmills and became popular in the global...

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(usually 10-17°) meets the requirements of chip thinning and total cutting force. Ensuring the geometry of solid carbide fast feed endmills and replaceable milling heads demands the specific shape of a cutting edge, while in indexable milling it may be provided by the appropriate location of an insert of even simple profile. Although the introduction of innovative carbide grades and advances in the form of rake faces has further improved progress in FF milling cutters, the essential element of fast feed milling – geometry – remains constant. Chip thinning due to the cutting edge of a FF...

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was launched several years ago, it has been continuously updated and upgraded. The key element of this family is the H600 WXCU Trigon double-sided insert with 6 cutting edges - an ISCAR patented design. The cutting edge of the insert comprises two sections: the main (external) and the minor (internal) cutting edges. While the main edge produces 17° cutting edge angle, the minor edge plays an important role in ramping down and makes a significant contribution to improving the performance of the tool. The carefully designed rake face of the insert, in which the portion adjacent to the main...

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ISCAR’s FEEDMILL family has recently been expanded by the introduction of FFQ4 shell mill cutters. The cutters are intended for mounting square single-sided inserts with 4 cutting edges. Triple F - fast feed facing - perfectly describes the main applications of the new mills, while the FFQ4 delivers productive roughing of plane surfaces especially if the mill overhang is high. If a fast feed milling cutter of a small diameter (6-20mm) is needed, the use of a solid carbide or MULTI-MASTER tool leads to good results. The design of the tools allows the production of a cutter with more teeth...

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or feed rate) will meet possibilities of the feed drive. Also, the power consumption should not be too high. The method, MF – moderate feed milling, lies between traditional rough milling and the FF technique. And again, the milling cutter is a key player in this process. The cutting edge angle of an MF milling tool is approximately 30°, an increase when compared to FF tools. This reduces fz and maintains the necessary chip thickness but allows greater depths of cut, hence metal removal rates remains high. The increased cutting power is less of a problem for the heavy-duty main drives,...

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In common with the aforementioned FF cutters, they also carry the H600 WXCU inserts – another example of customer-friendly versatility - the same insert is mounted in two functionally different kinds of milling tools. Questions & Answers Q: Can fast feed milling be applied to high temperature alloys, in particular to titanium? A: Definitely yes, on condition that the tool (cutting geometry, carbide grade) and the cutting data are chosen correctly. For example, when FF milling titanium alloys by HELIDO 600 UPFEED indexable milling cutters, HP-type inserts should be used and the recommended...

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