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A Leader in Metalworking Innovations Innovation at ISCAR clearly begins with its technologically advanced research & development department. Approximately 10% of ISCAR’s total resources are dedicated to R&D. As a result, time and time again the company has developed and contributed to the metalworking industry many original products and cost saving processes to provide bottleneck solutions. ISCAR is constantly upgrading and implementing improvements in computerization, data flow, quality assurance and employee safety. Global Support In order to facilitate machine tool builders, ISCAR has...

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Machine Tool Builders Marketing Support Marketing Support & Production Center A Global Metalworking Company In a world of different languages and different mentalities, it is important to have a fully equipped, knowledgeable local supplier, to meet your needs. ISCAR knows this. We have subsidiary offices and agents located in 52 major industrial countries. In some of the larger countries, regional offices have been opened to bring ISCAR personnel and facilities as close as possible to customer production sites. Many of our subsidiaries have fully equipped training centers. These centers are...

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ISCAR has global manufacturing facilities in each of the following countries: In Europe South Korea United States Spain Switzerland Turkey Hungary Slovenia

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ISCAR provides new innovative tools and solutions dedicated to metalworking in the automotive industries. Many automotive parts are machined using ISCAR’s new technologies, such as engine heads and blocks, crankshafts, camshafts and disk brakes. ISCAR produces quality tools and specially designed carbide grades that are ideal for milling and turning titanium, aluminum and nickel-based alloys commonly found in engine and fuselage parts. ISCAR’s products are ideal for the high degree of quality and innovation required for the manufacture of aerospace components. ISCAR has designed a unique...

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ISCAR offers a wide range of specially tailored inserts and an extensive range of tooling systems for the miniature industry. Multi-spindle, Swiss-type and automatic machines require the use of small inserts with sharp corners or very small radii and cutting edges in line with the shank of the tools. ISCAR designs tools for producing metal and plastic types of medical implants. ISCAR meets this challenge by providing the best in engineering design, substrate material and coating technology. ISCAR designs and manufactures unique, innovative cutting tools for various industries, including...

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A Full Line Supplier ISCAR offers the most advanced tools for all your machining operations: Turning, grooving, parting, threading, milling, drilling and reaming, as well as various tooling systems.

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Customer Support ISCAR technical engineers can assist you to select the optimal tools and machining instructions for your application. Comprehensive paper, electronic and internet catalogs are available. ISCAR can provide you with services to optimize tool and process engineering, such as reduced cycle times, better tool life and less down time. Our CTMS division (Commodity & Tool Management Services), which is an independent business division of the IMC Group, is dedicated to delivering tool management services to help customers reduce their production costs. Cost reduction is reached by...

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Turnkey Projects ISCAR engineers work with the customer to provide process layouts, machining process, time and cost study and optimization of machining conditions. The result is high performance, optimal machining solutions for your part production.

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MAIN WAREHOUSE CENTER ISCAR’s global network of automated warehouses serve to ensure that the customers’ products will arrive in the shortest amount of time possible. The combination of the company’s computerized data inventory program, customer service and logistic departments guarantee that ISCAR makes the maximum effort to dispatch the goods in adherence to the time schedule required by the customer. EUROPEAN WAREHOUSE CENTER NORTH AMERICAN WAREHOUSE CENTER

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ISCAR LTD. Headquarters Tefen 24959, Israel Tel + 72 (0)4 997 0311 9 Fax + 72 (0)4 987 3741 9 Argentina ISCAR TOOLS ARGENTINA SA Monteagudo 222 1437 Buenos Aires Tel + 4 114 912 2200 5 Fax + 4 114 912 4411 5 Australia ISCAR AUSTRALIA Pty LTD. 38-42 Seville Street East Fairfield NSW 2165 Tel + 1 (0)2 9722 4500 6 Fax + 1 (0)2 9722 4511 6 Austria ISCAR AUSTRIA GmbH Im Stadtgut C 2 A-4407 Steyr-Gleink Tel + 3 7252 71200-0 4 Fax + 3 7252 71200-999 4 Belarus ISCAR...

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