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Solutions for the Dies and Molds industries - 4

Marketing Support Marketing Support & Production Center A Global Metalworking Company In a world of different languages and different mentalities, it is important to have a fully equipped, knowledgeable local supplier to meet your needs. ISCAR knows this. We have subsidiary offices and agents located in 52 major industrial countries. In some of the larger countries, regional offices have been opened to bring ISCAR personnel and facilities as close as possible to customer production sites. Many of our subsidiaries have fully equipped training centers. These centers are dedicated to providing...

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Solutions for the Dies and Molds industries - 5

ISCAR has global manufacturing facilities in each of the following countries: In Europe South Korea United States Spain Switzerland Turkey Hungary Slovenia

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Solutions for the Dies and Molds industries - 10

PROFILING The complete solution for profiling operations on hard materials up to 70 HRc for the die and mold industry. Ball nose and sphere type with a large variety of shapes, lengths and diameters in a range of 0.4-25mm. The tools are made of a new ultra-fine substrate with AlTiN PVD coating that can be used for High Speed Machining (HSM) in dry cutting – very useful, especially in the die and mold industry.

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Solutions for the Dies and Molds industries - 11

Micrograin solid carbide and ball nose endmills are available in the range of 0.4 to 20 mm. Extended tool life can be expected due to the improved cutting edge design and the most advanced TiCN and TiAlN PVD coatings. SOLID MILL LINE Chatter free Endmills Maximum stock removal rate and reduced cycle time in most milling operations. Their unique ground geometry provides excellent surface finish and long tool life, while machining at high material removal rates. Solid Carbide Endmills Can be used for up to 2xD full slot machining of alloy and stainless steel, titanium and exotic materials.

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Solutions for the Dies and Molds industries - 12

BALLPLUS is a multifunction system comprised of various shank options and 6 milling head types. Each shank has the ability to carry any one of the milling head types. Clamping and indexing of the milling heads is very simple. It can be done while the tool remains clamped on the machine - therefore no setup time is necessary after indexing. A unique pocket design enables a very firm insert clamping, edge position accuracy and no insert pullout problems. BALLPLUS is an ideal system for reducing tool inventory. It is an attractive option for the die and mold industry and for any industry which...

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Solutions for the Dies and Molds industries - 13

This new ball nose endmill performs semi-finishing and finishing applications at high feed rates. Its unique design provides a fully-effective cutter with two cutting edges, even for small depths of cut. The new BCR D.. inserts can withstand the strong forces resulting from high feed. They are produced with a protrusion on the bottom that mounts into a matching slot in the pocket. The ability to maintain the high precision of the cutting edge location results from this very firm clamping that relieves most of the stresses normally exerted on the clamping screw.

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Solutions for the Dies and Molds industries - 14

A variety of milling head configurations ball nose, square shoulder, chamfering and slitting cutter – are known as MULTI-MASTER. This system features ISCAR’s unique threaded carbide heads for superior performance, short indexing time (the tool remains clamped in the machine) and improved economy. Each cutting head has an advanced pressed shape with sharp ground cutting edges. MULTI-MASTER combines steel shanks with indexable carbide milling heads for long life and repeatability in high speed machining.

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Solutions for the Dies and Molds industries - 15

The SumoMill tools T290... feature high durability and outstanding tool life due to the tangential orientation of the inserts in their pockets and higher tooth density. The T290 tools can run at higher table feeds, producing excellent surface finish and no mismatch.

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Solutions for the Dies and Molds industries - 16

This unique family of 45° milling cutters can carry in their pockets either the S845 SNMM 1306...square, double-sided inserts with 8 cutting edges or the ONMM 0506...octagonal, double sided inserts with 16 cutting edges; the most economical insert regarding price per cutting edge. Both inserts have helical cutting edges and positive rake angles, featuring low power consumption and excellent surface finish.

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Solutions for the Dies and Molds industries - 17

The H490 is a family of tools for 90° milling. The HELI H490 ANKX rectangular inserts have 4 helical right-hand cutting edges. They are available in 9, 12, and 17 mm cutting edge lengths. Their construction is very thick and strong. The insert is clamped into a dovetail inclined pocket which provides a very rigid clamping and has a wiper which leaves an excellent surface finish. Due to its strong construction, a unique chip deflector with positive cutting angles and excellent grade combinations, this family features high durability, low cutting forces and long tool life.

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Solutions for the Dies and Molds industries - 18

HELI T490 uses tangentially clamped inserts with four right-hand helical cutting edges. The T490 milling inserts are available in 8, 13 and 16 mm cutting edge lengths. The T490 LN... inserts, due to their small sizes and tangential orientation in the pocket, enable tool design with larger core diameters than tools with regular, radially oriented inserts. The most advanced insert design and production tecnology result in a soft and clean cut due to insert helical cutting edges and positive rake angles.

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Solutions for the Dies and Molds industries - 19

H600 WXCU 08... HELIDO FEEDMILL trigon, double-sided, 6-edged insert combines HELIDO’s strength and feedmill’s special geometry to facilitate milling at very high feed rates of up to 3.5 mm/tooth for high volume metal removal.

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Solutions for the Dies and Molds industries - 20

MILLSHRED is a family of milling cutters that can carry either round inserts with a serrated cutting edge or regular round inserts. When very deep cavities are machined, chip evacuation (even with air blow) is very problematic due to chip shape, weight and size. In deep cavities there is a tendency for long chips to become trapped and then they are prone to be re-cut. When using MILLSHRED, small chips are produced, which have fewer tendencies to be re-cut. The insert has four indexing orientation options. The serrations on the insert’s cutting edge were designed so they overlap, providing a...

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