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Marketing Support Marketing Support & Production Center Right Choice ISCAR has global manufacturing facilities in each of the following countries: In Europe ISCAR knows this. We have subsidiary offices and agents located in 52 major industrial countries. In some of the larger countries, regional offices have been opened to Many of our subsidiaries have fully equipped training centers. These centers are dedicated to providing a local location where metalworking personnel can be trained in the latest techniques and products for metal removal. South Korea Italy bring ISCAR personnel and...

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Medical Implants Dental Components Precision Tools for Precise, High Quality Parts ISCAR, a leading cutting tool manufacturer, is an appropriate partner to achieve the stringent and precise part manufacture required by the medical implants industry. ISCAR’s innovative cutting tools (ISO 9000 quality standard certified) provide turning, grooving, parting, threading, milling and drilling tools that guarantee production of better and more reliable implants. Spinal Screws Troya Total Hips System Partial Hip System Intramedullary Nails Dental Components Spinal Fixation Knee Parts Periarticular...

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Finish turning holders for high accuracy Compact tool design for Swiss type automatics INDEXABLE SOLID CARBIDE LINE Family of tools with shanks and unique interchangable heads for a variety of milling applications. SOLID CARBIDE LINE Micrograin solid carbide and ball nose endmills are available in the range of 0.4 to 20 mm. Extended tool life due to an improved cutting edge design and the most advanced PVD TiCN and TiAIN coatings. Double-sided DO-GRIP insert with internal coolant holes for parting exotic metals. CHAMDRILL LINE Drill with solid carbide insert enables machining holes and...

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Part Production Turnkey Machining Solutions ISCAR tools provide high performance, optimal machining solutions for your part production. Time Study Estimated cutting time: 3 min. 48 sec. Total cutting time: 4 min. 56 sec. Material: Stainless steel T8 T11 T7 T6 SLANR 1616H-11 TANG LNMX 110408R

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Bone Screw Machining Layout T4

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Medical Parts Knee Parts Workpiece Material 250% More p r o D U C T I V it y Machining Intelligently ISO Turn Test Report Test No.: SZ-02-14 Test Date: 29/10/2008 Test Result: Positive Country: Switzerland ISCAR has grades specifically designed for machining applications on stainless steel and super alloys. Grades IC907, IC908 IC328 and IC928 are ideal for milling and turning titanium and nickel based alloys. An example is nitinol, commonly found in medical components. These grades are available for ISCAR standard tools with specially designed positive and sharp-edged chipformers. (M20-M30)...

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Stay One Step Ahead of Your Competitors by Utilizing Your 3Productivity Toolbox! • Use the most up-to-date innovative tooling technologies. • Improve your current technical skills. • Decrease quality control rejection rate. • Increase chip volume capacity. • Reduce tool inventory. • Cost and efficiency data accessibility. • ISCAR CTMS tool management program helps you to maintain your value. ISCAR's 3Productivity program will dramatically reduce your labor, machinery and overhead costs by: optimizing production layout and process with advanced and innovative cutting tool technologies; and...

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Maximize Competitivness ISCAR LTD. Headquarters Tefen 24959, Israel Tel + 72 (0)4 997 0311 9 Fax + 72 (0)4 987 3741 9 Argentina ISCAR TOOLS ARGENTINA SA Monteagudo 222 1437 Buenos Aires Tel + 4 114 912 2200 5 Fax + 4 114 912 4411 5 The industrial revolution continues to demand fast-paced machining cycles. Highly productive technologies in the metal cutting industries are on an endless quest to seek innovative solutions. ISCAR’s introduction of Fast Metal Removal has become an industry standard which strives for ultimate ongoing...

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