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The Ultimate Solid Carbide Indexable Drill with a Chamfering Option! y es An lid c epla cal So R i indr ide or Cyl arb Drill el C d Ste ee h Sp Hig

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Modular System: DCNS Drills with CHAMRING Holders The DCNS SUMO UNICHAM drills feature no flange, which enables insertion into the CHAMRING chamfering holders. This modular combination can produce chamfered holes in the diameter range of 7.5 to 25.9 mm and L/D ratios of 3xD and 5xD. The projection of the SUMO UNICHAM drill inserted into the CHAMRING holder can be adjusted for various drilling depths in blind- and through-hole applications for standard 30°, 45° and 60° chamfers, by using XCGT inserts. Conventional method The drill, which uses standard SUMOCHAM drilling heads, is polished and...

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Applications for DCNS Drills SUMO UNICHAM in common drilling operations DCNS body provides a very easy solution for replacement of the solid carbide drills. The drill body has no flange and can be easily mounted in a collet chuck adapter. More economical when compared with the flange-type SUMOCHAM drills. General drilling applications. Replaces solid carbide drils without changing any holding components When using SUMO UNICHAM, the drill’s projection can be adjusted Shorter projection compared to SUMOCHAM, when required For better stability in rough applications and interrupted cuts Can be...

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Indexable Head Drills without a Flange and One Flat Shank, Drilling Depth 3xD, Suitable for Chamfering Holders Dimensions Designation DCNS 075-022-080B-3D DCNS 080-024-080B-3D DCNS 085-025-090B-3D DCNS 090-027-090B-3D DCNS 095-029-100B-3D DCNS 100-030-100B-3D DCNS 105-032-110B-3D DCNS 110-033-110B-3D DCNS 115-035-120B-3D DCNS 120-036-120B-3D DCNS 125-037-130B-3D DCNS 130-039-130B-3D DCNS 135-041-140B-3D DCNS 140-042-140B-3D DCNS 145-044-150B-3D DCNS 150-045-150B-3D DCNS 160-048-160B-3D DCNS 170-051-170B-3D DCNS 180-054-180B-3D DCNS 190-057-190B-3D DCNS 200-060-200B-3D DCNS 210-063-210B-3D...

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Indexable Head Drills without a Flange and One Flat Shank, Drilling Depth 5xD, Suitable for Chamfering Holders Dimensions Designation DCNS 075-037-080B-5D DCNS 080-040-080B-5D DCNS 085-042-090B-5D DCNS 090-045-090B-5D DCNS 095-048-100B-5D DCNS 100-050-100B-5D DCNS 105-053-110B-5D DCNS 110-055-110B-5D DCNS 115-058-120B-5D DCNS 120-060-120B-5D DCNS 125-062-130B-5D DCNS 130-065-130B-5D DCNS 135-068-140B-5D DCNS 140-070-140B-5D DCNS 145-073-150B-5D DCNS 150-075-150B-5D DCNS 160-080-160B-5D DCNS 170-085-170B-5D DCNS 180-090-180B-5D DCNS 190-095-190B-5D DCNS 200-100-200B-5D DCNS 210-105-210B-5D...

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Drill Holders for Drilling and Chamfering in One Operation L4 Whistle notch shank Designation CHAMRING 8-9 CHAMRING 10-20 CHAMRING 21-25 Side Locking Screw Side Locking Screw Key XCGT XCGT XCGT XCGT XCGT XCGT XCGT XCGT XCGT XCGT Adjustment of UNICHAMDRILL Protrusion • Loosen the chamfering inserts clamping screws. • Loosen the side clamping screw. • Adjust the UNICHAMDRILL protrusion by using the rear screw, then correct adjustment using the side clamping screw. • Re-tighten the chamfering inserts. Assembly Instructions • Insert the UNICHAMDRILL into the CHAMRING prior to clamping the...

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Inserts used on Chamfering Drill Holders for Chamfering and Drilling in One Operation Designation XCGT 060300-30DT XCGT 060300-45DT XCGT 060300-60DT XCGT 090300-30DT XCGT 090300-45DT XCGT 090300-60DT Chamfering Inserts for CHAMRING Standard XCGT inserts mounted on the CHAMRING body provide 3 standard chamfering angles: 30°, 45°, 60°.

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Pre-thread hole drilling is very popular in many industries. DCT drills were designed for M8 to M24 ISO M standard pre-thread holes. In most tapping operations a chamfered pre-hole is required. The DCT chamfering drill provides a single pass solution for steel and cast iron pre-threading holes operation. DCT drills are suitable for the pre-threading operation for the most popular tap sizes.

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Two main applications for pre-thread hole drilling: Drilling pre-thread blind and through holes: Drilling with a 45° chamfer Pre-Thread DCT Metric Threads Recommended Diameters M Helicoil Thread Drill Designation Inch Threads Drill DCT DCT DCT DCT DCT Inch Threads Drill DCT DCT DCT DCT DCT Head BSP Head Dia. Thread Dia. UNEF Thread UNJF Helicoil Thread

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Indexable Head Drills with Chamfering Insert, Mainly for Pre-Thread Holes Spare Parts Designation DCT 068-021-14B-M8 DCT 085-026-14B-M10 DCT 102-030-14B-M12 DCT 120-035-16B-M14 DCT 140-039-18B-M16 DCT 175-042-20B-M20 DCT 210-048-25B-M24 AOMT inserts mounted on DCT tools provide a 45° chamfer. • All drills come with through coolant supply for prolonged tool life and safe machining process • No regrinding service is needed, do to the indexable insert design • The unique CHAMDRILL system features no setup time • Time-saving due to combined drilling, chamfering and counter sinking operations

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General use DCM Drill Heads IDI-SG... IDI-SK... Heads are available in increments of 0.1mm. SK heads for drilling cast iron available in IC 908. Ordering examples for ø13.3 drill head: IDI 133-SG IC528. AOMT-Chamfering Chamfering Inserts

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Your Tool Advisor Genius ITA recommends the optimal tool based on application parameters and your machine power. 3 tool options, 25 alternatives, cutting data, power consumption, cutting time, metal removal rates, engineering support and more. 7861785 R 6/2013 © ISCAR LTD All rights reserved Main Photography - ISCAR Ltd. Additional Photography - Warhaftig Venezian Dansk English Français Deutsch Suomi Italiano 日本語 한국어 Nederlands Português Русский Svenska Español-España Tiếng Việt 中文 Български език Српски Magyar Hrvatski Español-México Norsk Polski Româneşte Slovenščina Türkçe Slovenčina...

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