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Quality Standard ISCAR has been certified by the prestigious Standards Institution, as being in full compliance with quality standards AS 9100, ISO 9001:2000, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001. Incoming batches of carbide powders are carefully analyzed to ensure that the raw materials do not deviate from set standards. In addition, completed products are inspected before shipping, to ensure delivery of the finest quality goods. Quality control facilities include the metallurgical laboratory, raw metal testing, an online testing procedure and a machining center for tool performance testing and final...

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iscar unique SYSTEMS OVERVIEW GROOVE-TURN SYSTEMS Tools for Machining Aluminum Wheels FACE GROOVING AND TURNING TOOL BLOCKS EXCHANGEABLE HEADS alphabetical index The Ultimate Expert in Selecting the Best Tool Index A3

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er ingty Deliv abili Prof it ISCA Tangentially Clamped, Single-Ended Parting System ISCAR’s single-ended insert for parting with rigid clamping method TAG insert features • Very rigid clamping in a tangentially oriented pocket. • Enables machining at very high feed rates and provides excellent straightness and surface finish. • Recommended for parting large diameter parts and for interrupted cuts. • Offers a free, unobstructed chip flow, since there is no upper jaw as in the other clamping systems (very important in deep grooving and parting applications). • The combination of tangential...

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er ingty Deliv abili Prof it ISCA The Double Sided DO-GRIP Insert with Internal Coolant Holes The insert features a coolant hole that passes through the insert, with an outlet near the cutting edge. The DGNC inserts were designed for parting and grooving on stainless steel and high temperature alloys. When machining stainless steel or high temperature alloys, the temperature near the cutting edge becomes very high. These materials tend to adhere to the cutting edge, causing built-up edge. This phenomenon can be reduced or even eliminated, by efficient cooling of the cutting edge. stainless...

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er ingty Deliv abili Prof it ISCA SUMO-GRIP System for Heavy Duty Groove-Turn Applications ISCAR’s single-ended insert for heavy grooving & turning applications is based on the very successful TANG-GRIP family. Features • Tangentially oriented pocket creates a very rigid and secure clamping. • Very strong insert design enables machining at very high feed rates of up to 1.0 mm/rev. • Free, unobstructed chip flow, since there is no upper jaw as in the other clamping systems. • Combination of tangential clamping, strong design and free chip flow results in improved insert and tool life and...

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er ingty Deliv abili Prof it ISCA The Largest Assortment of Unique Grooving and Turning Solutions!

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er ingty Deliv abili Prof it ISCA PENTA Insert for Economical Face Grooving and Recessing • Multi-cornered with five cutting edges, which provides the most advantageous price per cutting edge. • Fast edge indexing on the machine from either side of the holder. 4 Applications in One System • Precision grooving • Parting • Recessing - light side turning • Chamfering • Same insert for right- and left-hand cutting • Width range 0.5 - 4.0 mm • Unique, versatile chipformer • Useful for a wide range of materials and machining conditions excellent machined surface quality. • A combination of very...

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er ingty Deliv abili Prof it ISCA Face Grooving and Turning Family for Dmin 8 mm ISCAR’s family for face grooving and turning in a diameter range of 8 to 17 mm for up to 5.5 mm grooving depth, covers the range between ISCAR’s PICCO and CHAMGROOVE tools. Tool Features • Can also be used for rotating applications. • Internal coolant hole, directed to the cutting edge. • Can be used for grooving in deep holes. • Uninterrupted chip flow on the insert rake.

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er ingty Deliv abili Prof it ISCA Multifunction groove-Turn Tools for Increased Productivity and Profitability ISCAR’s unique groove-turn tools are multifunction turning tools, able to operate in a sequence of grooving and turning modes. Moving from turning to grooving requires consideration of the basic GRIP principle, thereby eliminating the possibility of insert breakage. The CUT-GRIP line offers a diverse range of multi-function turn-groove tools for increased productivity and profitability. A single Modular-Grip, straight or perpendicular toolholder can be used for many applications,...

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General Groove-Turn Systems User Guide

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Tools for Swiss-Type and Small Lathe Machines Form Tools Broaching Tools User Guide

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Selection Guide Necessary Information in Order to Select the Correct Insert ISCAR has a huge variety of groove-turn products. In many cases your operation can be performed using several different products. In order to make the optimal selection, these basic parameters need to be defined: • Insert width [ W ] • Necessary tolerance on the insert • Maximum depth of grooving [T max] • If the application will require grooving and turning, or only grooving (E-Type or not) Utility Inserts Pressed to Size Inserts According to these parameters: • Select the most suitable product according to the...

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Selection Guide External Groove-Turn Insert Type Precision Ground Short Pocket Short Pocket Long Pocket Long Pocket HEAVY DUTY * Not on all the products ** On most items User Guide

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Selection Guide GEPI/ GEMI GIFI/GIPI/ GINI/GIMIY GDMF/ GDMY/ GDMN... Internal Groove-Turn Insert Type User Guide

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Selection Guide Chipbreaker Selection General Use P-Type • Very “open” geometry • Medium to high feed in turning & grooving • Large variety of standard sizes • Precision ground inserts only • Width range External: 2.39 - 6.35 mm Internal: 2.39 - 6.35 mm F-Type • First choice in grooving • Low to medium feeds in grooving & turning • Both precision ground and utility inserts • Width range External: 3.0 - 10 mm Internal: 3 - 6 mm G-Type • Efficient chipbreaker for narrow width grooves • Width range: 1 - 2.3 mm • No option for turning Y-Type • General use in grooving & turning • Positive top...

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