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Super Silent Blending!

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Our quality for your lab ■ Full range of lab instruments for microbiological analyses ■ Designed and made in France ■ Leadership in R&D for innovative products ■ Worldwide distribution network in more than 85 countries 20 years of innovations for great sample preparation With over 15,000 BagMixer® sold around the world, we are recognized today as the world specialist for sample preparation with the BagMixer® lab blenders range and the BagSystem® range of products. World's 1st stainless steel window door lab blender 1998 MiniMix® 100 mL lab blender released Adjustable Blending Power to...

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Unique technology for an optimal bacterial extraction Adjustable blending power Up to 28 kg of pressure per paddle PATENTED Small/hard samples: Move the paddles forward for more pressure Big/soft samples: Move the paddles backwards for less pressure Stainless steel body High quality 304 L stainless steel Robust and reliable 3 year warranty Lifetime warranty on window Lifetime warranty on shock absorbers Advanced lighting system LightCode System: indicates the state of the blending process (under the unit) LED lighting: lights up the blending chamber during blending process and cleaning*...

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BagMixer® S & SW - 5

Super Silent Blending Less than 48 dB Noise cancelling casing Double layer window door Q-Tight® system Applies 250 kg of pressure to avoid leaks from the top Easy-to-clean TotalAccess System: open the door flat on the bench Glossy polycarbonate blending chamber Autoclavable paddles and DripTray Click & Clean® removable paddles PATENTED Window door Automatic stop of the blending in case of bag leakage PATENTED FDA BAM Bacteriological Analytical Manual YEAR WARRANTY SHOCK ABSORBERS

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BagMixer® S & SW - 6

The cleaning of a blending chamber used to be time consuming. With the TotalAccess System, cleaning is now easy with the opening of the door to a completely flat position. Remove the Click & Clean® paddles and the drip tray: the bright polycarbonate chamber is easy to wipe thanks to its round corners. PATENTED Super Silent Classic paddle blenders are very loud and induce fatigue. The BagMixer® S & SW will really change the work comfort of your lab. They are so silent that you can make a phone call next to them while blending: less than 48 dB in comparison with 54 dB with their closest...

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BagMixer® S & SW - 7

BagMixer 400 range For the analyses of solid samples BagMixer® 400 W > Window door BagMixer® 400 S > Silent blending BagMixer® 400 SW > Window door & LiquidSensor Also available: packs including bags and accessories; 100 mL and 3500 mL lab blenders. For more info, please contact us. Complementary products & accessories DiluFlow® Elite Gravimetric dilutor Ref. 503 205 BagFilter® 400 Sterile bag with lateral filter Ref. 111 425 DiluFlow® Pro Gravimetric dilutor Ref. 502 205 Sterile bag with full-page filter Ref. 122 025 Thermal sealing unit BagRack® 400 & DripTray® (in option) Storage rack for...

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BagMixer® S & SW - 8

BagMixer® is delivered with: Power cord, user’s manual, free sterile packs of filter bags. Your local distributor interscience international 30, chemin du Bois des Arpents - 78860 St Nom - FRANCE T: +33 (0)1 34 62 62 61 - F: +33 (0)1 34 62 43 03 - Email: interscience usa & Canada 32 Cummings Park - Woburn, MA 01801 - USA T: +1 781 937 0007 - F: +1 781 937 017 - Email: www. interscience .com interscience south-east asia 541 Orchard road - 09-01 Liat Towers - SINGAPORE 238881 T: +65 6933 1389 - +65 8549 1217 - Email:

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